Saleen Whats the Deal with the S7?


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Jul 13, 1999
San Francisco, CA
Don't get me wrong, this car looks incredible. But for 400G's you get a car that MotorTrend continuously says is uncomfortable (they don't say that directly). But they refer to its cockpit as being very snug, along with the pedals having very little room (for starters).

I love Saleen dearly, I have an 1989 5.0 Saleen, but do you think the S7 will survive as a street car? Maybe after a few generations this supercar will be in equal balance with practical and performance? I was just looking it up today, and just thought that its got some renovations to go before it really earns its insane pricetag. Opinions??
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"Why is the S7 $400k?"

For the same ression that the Miclarion F1 is 1Mill :hail2:
these supercars are the unltimite in enginering. Spicificly desined for speed and handeling. Carbon fiber bodys, Aluminum Chassies, etc...
I am sure it would survive a daily street drive, but when you have 400k to blow on it i dont think you are going to drive it every day, i only wish :D

Just my 2 cents

I can’t comment on the price tag but I have seen the S7 building procedure up close and put my hands on several parts. There are no corners cut in the materials used or the way the car is manufactured that I can see. The S7 is a street legal race car with a little fluff thrown in. Outside of interior appointments, there is very little that differentiates the street S7 from the S7R.

If you do a search, you may come across a thread that links to magazine article detailing the S7 assembly. I don’t remember if it was Motor Trend or some other mag.