What's your opinion on Sparco Torino seats?


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Nov 29, 1999
Altoona, PA
I found a really good price on a set of Sparco Torino seats and wondered if anyone has them, has sat in them, or has any feedback what-so-ever on them? Here's what they look like:


I want to get a set of seats for my car so that I can get a roll bar custom installed for this season and I'm leaning towards these based on the price.
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Not sure how cheap you can get those for, but for the price I really like my Corbeau CR-1s. Really comfortable and holds me tight in the seat side to side. I just recovered them with the black/silver microsuede fabric and they look and feel great. I'll try to get some pics up this weekend when I get the car all cleaned up.

I also mocked up the vertical hoop to my roll bar with back seat bar and there isn't any problem with the seats interfering.


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Sep 25, 2002
Ravena, NY
Paul, I sat in those seats at SEMA a few years ago and as far as comfort I liked them alot. i haven't actually tried them in a car but when they were on display at SEMA, I sat in all of their seat and remember liking them alot.