wheel spacers

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i run them on my 1970 coupe with a 1.25 wheels adaptor that bolts to the lugnuts. a spacer that big would be unsafe with just longer studs. i am running a 245/45 17 tire which fits well on the front but nex time i am going to go with a 275/40 on the back. let me know if you want me to snap some pics.

1.25" or 1".

I have a set of 4 aluminum bolt on 1" spacers that would work great for you. I used them to mount a set of 18" bullit replicas. They fit great, but I ended up pulling them out to change up my wheels combo.

If you are interested, send me a PM. I'll give you a great deal on them as I don't need them anymore any they only got used for 1 season. Whatever you do, make sure you get the bolt on style spacer for anything 1" or more. They are much safer.