Interior and Upholstery Where can I buy rear seats??


Jun 7, 2018
Dublin, OH
I have a 1991 hatchback LX 5.0, and am currently using a rear seat delete that I got for my first fox body. I made the mistake of selling the rear seats along with the car, and my current fox body did not come with rear seats. I have been running without rear seats for nearly two years now in this car, and would like to put a set in, the problem being I can not find any.

If anyone knows of a site where I can buy a set for an affordable (or not) price, OR if anyone is selling a set, I am interested in purchasing them. My interior is grey, although it is turning black with replacements, so black would be preferred, but obviously I can have them reupholstered.

Let me know what I'm missing with looking for these, or who has a set, thanks.

Edit: do all seats 79-93 fit in a 1991 interior?
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Feb 5, 2014
I have my rears I've been trying to get put up on criags list (lazy butt haven't done it yet), but there red, from my hatch.. and I'm in NJ and sure don't want to ship them...


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Feb 18, 2001
I believe 84-93 hatch seat UPRIGHTS are all interchangible, but the materials did change over the year.

seat bottoms are different with 90-93 using a different attachment method and slots for the seat belts

Direct match would be 91-92 seats from a V8 car, but if you are buying a set you need to target 90-93 seats.

Here's mine I did this past fall. I bought the seat parts on eBay for around $150ish. Originally an 87-89 red tweed seat bottom and some 90-93 4cyl backs with the corbeau vinyl rear seat kit installed

Still need seatbelts