Where do we go from here? (Modwise)


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Nov 7, 2001
Cleveland, Ohio
Hey fellas, It's good to see you bastards again. :SNSign:

I've been pretty pre-occupied for awhile with my motorcycle... (got a '04 gsx-r 600, so it's pretty much satiated my need for speed)

The stang was in storage all winter and I just pulled her out for a test run... and the feelings are all back for my baby...

Now... where to go from here?

I know i need a chip but i never went with one because I have been waiting to get a supercharger but I don't know how realistic that is now... (just bought a house, so i KNOW i'll be strapped for cash)

So my mods are in my sig... where to go from here?

Thanks for advice/input

If I could get a supercharger (maybe used?) for cheap enough I would definitely consider going that route, otherwise, I'm open to suggestions.

Thanks in advance fellas.
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i'd say

I'd say go for a Diablosport Predator or Xcal programmer. The tune will bring your fans on earlier and increase timing for a few extra ponies. Underdrive pulleys are a great bang for the buck mod too, had them on my GT. Definately noticed the difference.

This is the diablosport predator tuner I was looking at...

Definitely gonna check Ebay though... that's some serious dough they want for that piece...
Kilgore Trout said:
Never, ever, go to ebay for ANYTHING.

What about a brand new Bassani x w/ cats for $350 that is only an hour away so you could just go pick it up? Would you go to ebay for that?

Back on subject, I would get some suspension mods.

Is the car lowered at all? If not I would defianately start out w/ some springs and C/C plates. Then, shocks/struts and LCA's. It would suck to finally get your blower and not be able to put any of that power to the ground. What good would that do yah?

The programmer would be my other choice. Squeeze some more power out of your setup now and be ready for the SC upgrade when the $ is available.
I have bought several things from eBay & have no complaints. Just be careful who you're buying from & inspect the items before installation. I got a K&N FIPK Gen II intake for $50 from a guy who just installed a S/C. The kit was in perfect shape.

Tuners are different, though, as are any drivetrain items. A good rule to follow is if it will seriously damage your car if it "fails" or if you can't easily replace it, don't get it from eBay.

The problem with tuners is they become locked to the car's VIN once the aftermarket program is installed. If the previous owner didn't return to the stock program before shipping it to you, it's totally useless.
I got my predator off ebay works perfectly. just make sure the person has good feedback and has unistalled the tune.

I wanted cheap because I will supercharge soon so this way I can sell the predator for what I paid for it and loose no money.

watch the feedback. I could have got one for $220 from someone with no feedback but I paid $250 shipped from someone with good feedback.

just make sure to contact them and they understand the programer and realize they need to unistall the tune.

I would look into cams though. that is really what is going to wake the car up. tuner is a marginal mod for really fealing a difference in the car.

heads, cams, boost are the mods that will realy make the car feel different.