where to buy steeda strut tower brace and....


New Member
May 26, 2004
Southwestern PA
would a "ford racing" brace be the same as teh steeda? After reading what brace everyone liked, it seemed that the steeda one was preferred over the maximum motorsports brace. I was going to order the steeda one from CJ pony parts, but they call it a "ford racing" and i didn't know if it was the same as a steeda. I was surfing maximum motorsports and read about their brace. They said they use bigger bolts and stiffer tubing than most other strut tower braces. Also they use 3 bolts instead of 2 like most other braces on the market. I would like to get a K&N FIPK in the near future..but i'm worried that a brace will interfere....anyone know of a combo brace/FIPK that fits?
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