Where to buy T-5 Gears?


May 29, 2004
North Kansas City
Well i blew 2nd out of my T-5 again, acts the exact the same what it did the last time i did it, Shifted into 2nd and laid into it and pop just acts like netral. Probly sheard the ears of it it again. Anybody know where i could buy a hardned or stronger 2nd gear for my car? This is getting annoying, the tranny only has maybe 10k on it after a complete rebuild, before i blew it out the time before it only had 20k but went ahead and had my tranny go go threw the whole thing. This is what i did to the tranny the last time, its a 2 piece desing and it cracks in half and the little ear things rip right off. Im worndering if there is something else wrong to make it do this twice now.
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