where to find 79-82.5 3 spoke wheels

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while the TRX wheels were a decent looking factory wheel, the fact that they are an odd ball size, and required a specific tire, makes them unacceptable for use in this day in age.
yeah Coker tire is now making repro TRX rubber for them too. these are the only way to go if you're restornig a 79 cobra or indy pace car or even up to an 84 GT but if you plan on driving the car i wouldn't use them, IMO these wheels are for show cars only. then again, you could always use a set of these JUST for show and have another set for driving on.

i have a very nice leather wrapped 3 spoke sport wheel from a 79 pace car if you're interested. $200 and it's yours. :nice:
yes, those awful things...lol, but thats what it takes to keep the old 84.5 gt350 original. 350 a tire, for all that performance, ouch.

Thanks for all the info and the link. Ive got a pm out to the seller.

They will be used locally for cruizing any heavy use will get the old rim swap to the 15" slots the po thought would be cool.