Where to find parts.


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Feb 3, 2010
Gray, GA
Where is a good source for finding parts for our Mustang II's Most sites that I go to only show 79 and up. My Ghia has a sunroof and need a replacement weather seal along with door seals. It's funny how the Mustang world over looks the II's. To me, these are great looking cars and are worthy to sit at the head of the dinner table.
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Also, for some of the oddball parts, check with members of the various II forums.

Most of us hoard parts (as an example, at last count I have 7 spare gastanks :D )

I'll keep that in mind. I know right of the bat that I'm going to need some interior stuff. I need the rear package tray panel (I guess that's what It's called) and the drive and pass. side plastic trim between the seat and door at the door seal.