Where to get a new balancer?

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This is what mine lookes like notice the required spacer on it.
I have a SFI approved version of the Proffessional Products balancer. It is nice because it can be used for 0, 28, and 50 oz imbalance setups.

You said you needed a 28oz imbalance balancer for your 347ci stroker motor. So, when you order your balancer tell them you need the 28oz version of the balancer for a 1994/1995 Mustang GT. You will also need to get the spacer that will adapt your crank pulley to the balancer. Be sure to ask if it comes with the spacer! I got mine from www.TheMustandDepot.com. They had very good customer service.

BTW, this weekend on Horsepower TV they featured the same balancer I have on Hot Parts :nice: