Where to start with fuse problem, (no turn signals/convertible motors)???


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Jul 17, 2001
Where to start with fuse problem, (no turn signals/convertible motors)???

It has only blown once since yesterday, and it works well now, but I suspect that there is a short somewhere. What can I do to make sure this pesky little problem doesn't turn into a 15 fuse war?

The fuse is on the turn signal and covertible motors circuit.

I have no idea on where to begin. :shrug:

Thanks for any help.
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Well it blew again today, only once...

What can I do to start trouble shooting this problem, I have never dealt with an electrical problem before...
Get a shop manual, Chiton or Haynes and figure out what is on that circuit. Then disconnect 1 item at a time to eliminate that item as the possible source of the short. You problem is intermittent, so think about what electrical item you were using when that item quit working. That's where the problem is located. It could be a wire rubbed bare on sharp metal, a convertible top item, or a bad lamp socket. You get to chase it down - not fun with something that is intermittent. :(
Well I found the short, in the first place I looked. A few months ago I spliced the front turn signal wires, to make them blink different. But I look there yesterday, where a spliced the wires, and the tape around the crimp is off, so it was rubbing on the frame. I took some wire connections, and cramped them on there, no more short.

Now on to harder problems... :rolleyes: