WHHHY is my car soooo slow?!?


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Jun 17, 2002
Bethlehem Pa
OK, my car does not even come close to the power that it should have. Basically it's slow and i can't figure out why. Timing is set at 16*. I recently changed the plugs that i was running from Autolite 3924's to NGK FR5's; i believe, to see if that was the problem. It didn't work. When i pulled the autolites out they were a little whitish, so i increased the fuel pressure a little to 45psi when i put the ngk's in. I ran it for a couple of days(its my daily driver) I pulled the ngk's and they were really white. Why did the car run even more lean when i increased the pressure? I used the same gap and everything. Now i increased the pressure to 48psi and still no power? I have the stock injectors with a bigger mass air meter and it is calibrated for 19lbs.ers.MY o2 sensors have maybe 3000miles on them. I ran a ecu test (koer) and it cam up with a 44 and 94 which is secondary air managment system failure and air managment system failure. I checked the MAF and its working. Could the cam be causeing that code to be set off? Some people have told me that with all the air and extra fuel you are putting in that you need a ignition system. What do you think? I have a stock ignition system. Or is my car that slow because of the automatic?

Sorry about the length. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. My mods are in my sig.
thanks again
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I just use a parts cleaner like brake clean and spray on there. Some get bad enough you can see the dirt collecting on the element. If you want to get fancy you can use electrical parts cleaner. I typically don not rub anything on the element they are pretty fragile and ive seen more than one break. If possible take the electronics out of the meter and clean.
I would bring your timing back to 12 Degrees and put your fuel pressure with the vacuum line off at 48lbs. You need at least 24# injectors, 30# injectors will work. Better rich than lean. If the time you posted is your best with the mods you have there is something wrong. The biggest bang for your buck besides NOS for your car would be a new 3500 plus stall converter. Your trans will probably go next but you will have fun. I have a 91 lx 347ci, lentech strip terminator trans, 9.5 in. 4200 stall, edelbrock performer RPM 202 heads (unported), trick flow track heat intake, TF stage 2 cam, 4.10 gears, 30# inj. 1 3/4 full length headers, no a/c or smog, other than that it is loaded. Best ET 12.24 at 110mph 1.59 60' time. With 150 shot of NOS 11.18 at 120mph. with slicks of course.
rsw007 said:
not yet, maybe next year im almost out of tricks i was hoping to get an aod in the 12's on just a bolt-on motor but its not going to happen.

becareful cleaning maf "GENTLE"

What ever you "bolted on" Great times, props. too ya. Im figuring you un-bolted lots more to lose some wieght. And have good susp.
The times in my sig were before i did anything to the car. I would be really pissed i ran that with what i have now. Yes the motor mounts raised the motor 1/2 or more. Created quite a few clearance problem, but the are definitely stiff mounts. Would carb cleaner work? I have a bottle of that laying around already. Do you guys think thats what causeing the problem? Isn't 12* timing really low for aluminum heads? I'll try it, i'm desperate.
thanks for the replies