which CAI to get?


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Jan 16, 2007
hey i found a k+n intake for 30 dollars from a local guy. i wanted one mounted in the fenderwell, i think the kn only has a little box that goes around it. your opinions and suggestions would be helpful on what gives more power, better sound or which one i should get in general. oh yeah the one that goes in the fenderwell is like 60 dollars.
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and IMHO its not worth it to get anything over a K&N drop in filter

you are wasting your money if you are N/A on a CAI its the worst product you could buy for a power mod.

put that money towards something else


all make around the same amout of power(which isn't alot). A K&N filter will do the same as in getting a whole kit.
Yea really if you're just wanting to buy a CAI for performance, don't and just change the filter with a K&N one like above have said.

If you do want something for looks though, yea get the JLT...look great. only reason why I bought one :)
I'm happy with my K&N FIPK2. Powerwise didn't really notice anything but I like the looks of it under the hood vs. the stock one. Plus the silicon hose connector of the K&N kit fit over my 75mm TB a lot easier than the stock tube did.