Which Manual Transmissions fit in our cars/how easy do they go in??


Apr 12, 2005
Hello guys, there are so many transmissions out there, such as the T-5, 3550, TKO-500/600, T-56 etc. I have an auto and Im looking to ditch it..probly in the summer. Now I know the T-5 will obviously go right in, but its not rated for the big numbers that Id eventually like to pursue in the very distant future. Im not familiar with the 3550, Ive seen a few for sale but I don't know what kind of numbers their good for or if they go into our cars. Im familiar with the TKO-500/600 and the T56, I know they go into out cars but their way too $$ for my blood, but what kind of work is needed for them to go in. Thanks for the help guys.
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The TKO 500 and 600 are just beefier versions of the 3550 if I remember correctly.

Astro Performance has T-5's for sale that are built to handle different levels of HP and Torque, but I don't have any experience with them. G-Force also has built T-5 trannys.
Yea, Im not expecting to purchse anything new, Im a poor college student, however, if they can hold power better than a stock T-5 and can be found cheap and drop in easy, it might be a good option..
from personal experience, if you arent planning on going insane with the power, the t5 will be more than sufficient. when i did my aode - t5 swap, i was just looking for the easiest route to go with a manual. to my surprise the t5 has held up for 3 years and gone through a nitrous kit, 2 different supercharger kits, and 2 different n/a combo's. the last dyno pull made 394hp and 411lb/ft to the wheels before the king cobra went south on me. the tranny is still driving fine. as long as you dont powershift or launch the car on sticky tires, the t5 should go the distance for you. i know it did for me. take that into consideration since you are on a limited budget an the t5 stuff can be found for much less money.
Astro Performance

I recently purchased a High Alloy T-5 from Tony Sarvis at Astro Performance and am very pleased. It is rated at 400 HP. I ended up only paying a grand for it to which is fairly cheap. Tony was a great guy to deal with and overall I had a very good experience. I have only heard good things about his tranny's to so I will see for myself if it will live up to its ratings. I am linking it to a KC and a Fidanza here soon. But like I said I would reccomend Astro Performance.