Which master for Cobra brake switch?


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Oct 23, 2004
Ive noticed that when im looking for cobra brake conversion kits for the front of the 94-95 cars they invariably include Masters, while the 96-98 kits do not. I can only assume this has something to do with the hydroboost...otherwise im not certain of the difference. Being as I work at an auto parts store, it should be damn easy for me to throw a kit together, just wanted to see which master it is that the kits come with, 96+ cobra master?
And is it actually necessary to swap the master? Bench bleeding is such a pita :nonono:
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from everything i have read about this,cuz i wanna do it,you do not have to change the master.i have found thew for the 94/95 before without the master in the kit but i can remember which site it was on,maybe mustangtuning?
OK, what i have heard is that the cobra barkes on a GT will have a harder pedal feel than the same car with the cobra booster. I am planning to do the cobra brakes this week (if the parts arrive) elsewise next week.

I know most guys are running cobra brakes with the original master cylinders.