Which mufflers to use?


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Jul 6, 2001
I am debating on which mufflers I am wanting to run with my new setup. I am leaning towards the dynomax 3" round Ultra-Flows...Any opinions?

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really loud if you dont have cats. to loud for every day use.i had to put my stock h-pipe back on because the car became annoyingly loud after a while it started to bother me.
I am running MAC equal length headers into an offroad H pipe into 1 chamber flowmasters with 2.5 pipes... IMO, people overexaggerate how loud these things are.. They are LOUD dont get me wrong, but not as loud as where you would be getting tickets left and right.... from 0-2500 RPM, they sound like 2 chambers... from 2800 up, it sounds like open pipes and can be heard for about 2 miles down the road... i love em