Which parts needed to switch to V8 brakes?


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May 26, 2003
I have a '91 LX that needs front rotors. I also have the spindles for a 5.0. I'm thinking of putting on those spindles so I can upgrade to V8 brakes. My mechanic tells me that the struts won't fit.

Anybody done this? Can you tell me if that's true, or what parts would I need? I know I need the V8 rotors, calipers / pads, and bearings. What else do I have to do (I know it will need an alignment if I put on new spindles)?

Need to know pretty quick, as the rotors are so warped that her feet get a good paddling every time she puts on the brakes.

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I had my 93 taken in to have the front brakes swapped over to the V8 brakes, the only complication was that the mechanic had to use a bunch of washers to fill in the space on the struts (I think it was the struts, it was awhile ago).

Other than that, it went along fine. I had the whole complete brake setup (rotors, pads, spindles, etc), however. As far parts, you should be good with what you mentioned. Just beware, the brakes may feel squishy and unresponsive at first, but should get better after awhile. May even need an alignment, but it depends. Good luck.