Which T5 shifter to buy?

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I had a Pro 5.0 in my car when I bought it and didn't like it... the handle at least, too short for me. I know short throw is good but I had to lean over to shift into 3rd. It also had a messed up spring and Pro 5.0 wouldn't send or sell me a replacement.

I switched to the UPR Blue Thunder shifter which is pretty much like the Steeda Tri-Ax, happy with it so far, really like how the handle is offset back toward you.
maverick0716 said:
If you're deciding on either the Pro 5.0 or the Tri-Ax it really depends on whether you like a really short handle and short throw with ultra strength (forged steel) or a medium length handle with really short throw and good strength (billet aluminum)
Not necessarily. Pro5.0 makes forged steel factory length handles for people with stupid-short arms, and for the rest of us, just get the Pro5.0 from Kona. They sell it with a handle identicle to the Tri-Ax handle, only forged steel. I can personally vouch for this one, having had all three and cominations of each. It's also the best price for a Pro5.0 I know of. See for yourself: http://www.konaracing.com/
To further the case for the Pro5.0, here's an example of how well the Steeda peice holds up to abuse, and this was on a wimpy T5 not a Tremec: