Whipple in 100% Street Trim track results

I went to the track yesterday after putting the whipple on my car. Mods are in the sig along with HP. 10lb belt pushing 12psi 460/456.

I was in 100% street trim. Back seat, spare tire, jack, papers in the back seats, **** in the floorboards, book sack in the trunk, 18" FR500's (heavy as balls) and the 32psi in the tires. I was also short shifting at about 5800-5900 to be safe since I don't feel all that comfy with 12psi going into the stock motor (I'm backing it down to the 8lb pulley on tuesday, hopefully).

I was leaving at around 1.5-2k because I still have the stock DS and I didn't want to snap it in half. I plan on getting a one piece DS (any suggestions? I know of sypdershaft but any others? group buy maybe?? hint hint). Because of the stock DS I short shifted a little and did NOT powershift because I didn't want anything terrible to happen lol.

I only got 3 runs in because it was crowded as hell and I didn't feel like waiting all that much.

My first run was kinda funny... 13.40 @ 113

2nd run:
R/T: 1.014 (pro tree since a drag car went before me and I wasn't expecting it lol)
60': 1.988
330: 5.577
1/8: 8.358
MPH: 91.08
1000: 10.731
1/4: 12.685
MPH: 116.47

3rd run I ran against a new evo. Kicked his boy racing ass, too. It was pretty fun heh
R/T: .192
60': 1.972
MPH: 91.46
1000: 10.708
1/4: 12.666
MPH: 116.36

I know if I would have stayed and driven it some more I could of pulled much better times out of it. I was having to pedal the hell out of 1st gear and part of 2nd due to the 4.10's I have in my car (28" tall tire helps with that, but it's still a pain in the d***).

I'm hoping with some weight savings (spare, jack, back seat, book sack, etc...) I could see low-mid 12's and with a spydershaft I think I could see low low 12's with it. We will see though.
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Anybody have some good names of driveshafts besides spydershaft?

Actual time slip: