Who loves/hates their stang at the moment?

I have to save i love my car but i hate that i cant get it running 100%, it runs but.. I have a vac leak or something that causes it to hesitate and backfire when i stomp the gas, my clutch is starting to slip bad, i have an oil leak somewhere, damn wheel hop, bad shifter shifter vibration, horrible gas milage, and the list goes on:( i want to get rid of it so bad and just buy another stang heh.
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If you get me started I will write an article...
Don't get me started...
I'm THOUSANDS of DOLLARS upside down...
j i'm not kidding I'll write out 15 pages by my self until it says "Last Page"
If you have the bug you'll know it
I have a Love/Hate relationship as of now

Peace Love and Pop Tarts,

Dr. Strype
My love / hate for my car is surrounding my charger. The powerdyne is making good power. With the 6lb. pulley on, it was better than I hoped. my best runs at the track are in my sig. These are with 6lbs of boost. Havent got a chance to run it with the smaller pulley yet. Well the internal belt broke with the 6psi pulley and then later with the 9psi pulley. Both times under warrranty. Then It went again and I sent it out for a race rebuild at 928motorsports. with the 9psi pulley I was seeing about 10-11 lbs of boost on the street. The race rebuild increased max impeller speed from 42000rpms to 60000 rpms. If this goes again im buying a Vortech head unit and putting it on. I had a local machine shop cut a blank template of the mounting plate but with out the cut out for the charger. If i get a vortech all they need to do is make a template of the head and cut it out of the plate. If I would have know that I would get hooked on boost I would have gotten a different charger.
I have a beautiful True Blue Bullitt (heavily modded) with only 11K miles that I love............ but it's NOT enough!!!!! :bang: I receive compliments by everyone about my car. Many have told me how fortunate I am...... but I'm still left unfulfilled!!!!! :shrug:

All I fantasize about are well done foxes. :shrug: I can't get them out of my head! Cars like: tunedin302, stang22, mansonozz, dman302, Groverdill, etc. THOSE are the examples of what my "weekend/sunny day" car should be. I'm convinced of it!

I'm now seeing a Psychologist!

Six months ago, I began councelling. It was at the recommendation of my wife. She explained that a 38 year old man with 2 children should NOT behave this way! So she recommended I go see a professional for help. My psychologist diagnosed me with:

"5.0 Disease"

He explained that it is one of the most dangerous disorders that he treats. Very difficult to cure. There are no medications that can help "curb the urge." Initial treatment consisted of verbal discussion only. The typical persuations by the "professional" to help persuade me that I have a much better vehicle than any fox could provide: "smoother/higher efficiency OHC engine, refined interior, better suspension, more comfortable ride, improved exterior styling" ..... but none of those arguments had an effect! :bang: He continued: "You don't need a pushrod. There is no practical importance of a smoothed engine bay. You do NOT need a polished engine. It's too expensive to convert a fox to the kind of car you desire!!!!!"

............... No effect!

Then, my psychologist gave me some exercises to carry out to help with my disorder:

- Stop reading/participating in 5.0 forums & discussions
- Participate even to a greater degree on IMBOC
- Start reading & posting in StangNet 4.6 sections
- Start reading & posting in on the ModularDepot
- Throw away your 10 year collection of MM&FF & 5.0 Mustang
- Go to MPH and get your Bullitt blown

These were great exercises that helped............ but still left me unfulfilled! I still stuggle with this disease on a daily basis. :bang: .... balancing the fun factor of my Bullitt with the fantasy of a 5.0 show car.

Currently, my family and I are taking it day by day. They are very careful in their use of words and do not discuss anything mustang related.

All we can do is hope for the best! :nice:
Well i hated it up until last night until the headers decided to go on relatively painless, well see how they bolt up and the upper part of the motor goes on tonight, i just want the dam thing running!!