Why Do I Have Such Horrible Ride Quality?


Oct 21, 2004
So I just recently got the pony back on the road for the summer season, and I really need to do something about my suspension. My car rides like a buggy more than a sports car and I don't know why? When I go over bumps, the car bounces all over the place, and its so bad that its embarassing. I have 17X9" wheels all the way around with 245/35's up front and 255/40's out back. All other suspension is stock, and I'm not sure why it's so bouncy? Is it my struts/shocks that I should be looking at replacing? Or is it my front springs that might be worn, I don't know? I realize that the rims/tires would make my suspension more rough, but not "bouncy", does anyone have any ideas?
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Bouncy means struts and shocks.
For the *price*, you can't beat Tokico! After that, for more money, go to Koni, then Bilstein.

My Tok blues were an AWESOME upgrade over another strut/shock I had before that point. Now, I use the more expensive adj Toks to better fit my Mach1 springs.