wierd noise


New Member
Jul 11, 2005
Vernon, CT
noise sounds like I have a flat spot or something in my tire (sumitomo HTRZ's). when I get up speed it almost sounds like a helicopter. I ruled out the engine because it made the sound on the highway while in neutral. I checked my tire pressure and the tires only have about 4k on them. The sound definately slows down with speed. My car had been sitting for 4 1/2 months, but I thought with todays tire technology flat spots were not that common. I check the tires and they looked ok but I was told a steel belt could have shifted while sitting on the concrete. Any ideas?
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4 1/2 months will probaly create a flat spot.

Mine was sitting for about a month and it took a little bit of driving for them to feel normal and in balance again.

Same tires as yours.
Id guess the same..allthough im not familiar with that brand of tires.Ive mostly used BFG's.About 3 years ago my car setup just a lil over 6months(nerve damage stopped me from being able to use my legs)and I did not get any flat spots...thought I would.