Wierd vibration/sound HELP!


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May 27, 2004
Sin City, NV
Ive had a used/throughly inspected t-5 put in my car. Its ran good since ive had it. I just got new tires, and im sure i prob need a alignment job done but its acting up. Im getting some sound that i can hear out of the shifter in high 3rd, 4th, and at 2400+ rpm in 5th. It doesnt sound like anything is grinding, its just something ive never heard before. In 5th, i get a vibration and a different sound. i think because the alignment is off and it is kinda higher speeds @ 2400+ rpm. kinda worried cuz i dont wanna pay for it to be fixed. i dont think the alignment would have anything to do with the higher gears. could it be low gear lube........i dunno!!!!!!!!!!! :( :( :bang:
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If you feel the vibration in the steering wheel it is probably a front tire balance issue. If you feel it in the shifter and not the steering wheel it is probably your driveshaft or rear tires out of balance. I'd check the driveshaft first. Since you had a tranny installed, the driveshaft may have been installed out of index. To index the pinion side(rear axle side) of the driveshaft first, mark the pinion and yoke in its current position, then index it 180 degrees. If it changes the vibration but doesn't eliminate it try indexing 90 degrees from the last position. Again, if it changes but doesn't eliminate it, index 180 degrees again. If that doesn't do it now try the four positions that you haven't tried already.

Good luck. :flag: :flag: :flag: :flag:
FrdMustangCpe said:
Well they balanced the tires when they mounted them. Do you mean check the alignment?
ya if the tires are outta alignment they will vibrate they do balance them but alignment is extra with a tire job..................and yes the tires will mainly vibrate at highway R's so you have a tire outta whack some where.

well i looked inside my wheel wells and the front left is rubbing on the fender. Twords the front of the car. The right tire looks like it rubbed sometime before but is not. When the wheels were cranked to the right, then back to the left, the front left was picking up my ground effect piece where it looked like it would snap. So i took that piece off before it could snap and im going back to firestone to see what the deal is. You'd think the guy who put the tires on would see if it would turn.....no way...that would be too smart. :fuss: :flame:

p.s ill get an alignment while im there.
ANY IDEAS ON WHY ITS RUBBING? they are 15x7 wheels, i dunno what tires they are, but still.