Will bigger injectors work?.....


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Mar 10, 2004
Berlin, NJ
Without a supercharger, I was thinking on installing the 42lb. injectors. I am trying to build the car up so I can just plug in the supercharger, flash the chip and be on my way..

Would the injectors boost HP without the supercharger, if I changed the air mixture to accomodate the higher fuel pressure?
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Changing injectors is an hour job so I wouldn't install them now. Just wait until you get the blower and put them on then.

The injectors don't "boost" horsepower. They are one of the supporting components that allow you to make more power but there is no gain just by adding them.
also your car (MAF) has to be tuned for the bigger injectors, why tune twice over it ? :) your MAF has to be set basically for the larger injectors, or it will not run right.

I had my Autologic chip dynp tuned for my car n/a after I added longtubes. When I was ready to put my blower on I umpluged my chip (drove it on stock program), and had a quick change on my chip from to 19# to the 42# injectors. Went home put the blower on, and injectors, and lastly put my chip back on set for the new injectros, and drove it easily to be dyno tuned -

BTW- there is no hp gian by running larger injectors I don't think unless you have a blower, or something pretty radical done n/a to get anything from it. It's not a rwhp mod, it's a matter of necessity for all the extra air ramed in for proper a/f mix. I don't think any even really moded n/a cars run larger than 30# anyway. Hope that helps.