Will these o2's work?


Jan 10, 2003
St Paul, MN
:lol: Guys, this car's killin me.

Im thinking about swapping out my o2s with a 2000 V8 Explorer's because Ive pretty much been running pure gasoline through my engine and out the exhaust! The explorer uses the 302 with gt40p heads

Is it the same 3 wire setup on the 5.0s?

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i wouldnt the connectors might not match...........but if your spiting out fuel that is a ignition problem are your plugs gapped right? is it geting healthy spark? fuel dumped into the exhasut is only gonna destroy cats and kill 02's anyway.
Ok, different connectors. I can deal with that seeing as I have to lengthen the wires for my long tubes and o/r H Im putting in. They look like the same 3 wire setup. I guess I'll try em

My fuel issue is a long one. My ignition is strong. I replaced EVERY component. I replaced the stock FPR with an Aftermarket. Im at 39psi and 10*btdc. Im going to go down 1 psi each day to 35psi - no lower. Im thinking that Im dumping fuel because Im running "open loop" due to crapped up o2s.

It sucks when your motor cant push past 3.5k rpms under load. So I guess Im running rich on regular duty and not enough at WOT

So I bought a 255 hp walbro

Im not going to stop until I can no longer eat and pay my bills
bbk has o2 wire extenders for like 20 bucks bbk summit sells em i didnt feel like spliceing becasue if you ask me it is just asking for more problems. as for the explorer o2's they might send different codes that your older computer wont even know what to do with but you can sure as hell try let me know how it works............
you dont need to buy extenders either. you can reroute the harness and gain more than enough length, when looking at it youll see what you have to do, it took like 2 min and now you dont have to worry about resistance at all the plugs on the extenders