Will this supercharger fit my car

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That is the S/C from the SuperCoupes. Not really the best blower out there...

You'll need an adaptor plate for the intake.
I think you'll need a longer snout also.

After that you would just have to fab out your TB and throttle linkage to make it work.
there is a link to a guy that did it in the talk section i am sure you can search it, i have a supercoupe and have looked for another blower a few times and 400 seems a little steep, i have seen them for a little as a hunderd bucks and don't forget junkyards, they are very tough to kill get new oil from ford and you sould be set(umm that my be a hard find in canada but i would try), also this may be a shot in the dark but i went through supercoupepreformace.com for all my stuff, and he may be able to help. As fas a power goes it does wonders for a 3.8 i bet it would perk up a stang to, my supercoupe would out run my stock aod lx, and the sc weighs like 500 pounds more. gl