window seals


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Dec 13, 2007
anybody know where i can get a new weather strip for my sunroof? I can't find them at any parts place and the glass shops in my area say they can't get it. my sunroof has started leaking... at least i think it's the sunroof the water is coming in the trim above the doors and windshield, which is downslope from the sunroof, but it could just as easily be the windshield, either way the sunroof seal has major cracks in it and needs to be replaced. also how hard is it to re-caulk the windshield, i know it doesn't use a weather strip but i can't seem to get the metal molding off. is there some trick to getting it that i don't know? any and all help is appreciated.
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Jan 28, 2007
Manheim, PA
Sunroof weatherstrips are available through CJPonyParts out of Harrisburg, PA. The rubber seal that fits to the actual car isn't real expensive, but the glass seal with the metal backer is like $150 and is still NOS. As for recaulking the windshield, I would leave it to the pros. They are hard to get out and not crack and tough to reset once you do. The windshields on foxbody cars were still put in at that time with butyl tape instead of urethane, so it can be a sticky mess to do. Having a pro do it isn't expensive.