Would you make this trade?


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Jul 29, 2003
I may trade my 95 for this fox:

Heres the mods:
mods are:
B&M shift kit
BBK u/d pulley (not installed yet)
FMS wires
FMS shorty headers
o/r H pipe
Flowmaster catback
upper/lower control arms
3.73 rear gear
LX tails

Has 162k but the body is straight and its not been wrecked. My 95 has 120k, its been wrecked and has a rebuilt title. Also needs a hood.

Hood is in bad bad shape and needs replaced and painted. Car runs good and has the mods in sig.

Guy was wanting to buy my car and I decided not to sell it and he picked up that fox. I made a comment that I'd ditch the 95 for a clean fox like that and he asked to trade. Since mine is a R title and is missing the drivers side airbag I figure its a good deal. Unless that car is a rust bucket.
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well i got my 93 and it had 158000 i believe maybe a little less....well it never seen winter but it was all stock and needed a lot of cash dumped into it....i find my fox interior outdated compared to the 94...i hate the fox paint scheme...so that would be a turn off...it is a 4 lug so you would need to do a conversion to put a nice set of wheels on it....look at the rad support and frame rails in the engine bay it will give you a good idea on the cars rust condition....i guess its what your after...being a r title it would be harder to sell out right...where if you dump a lot of money in the fox you will get more out of it...:shrug: its really your preference....i have always wanted a sn95 and got the fox first because it was for sale and clean....but now i got the 94 and all the cash is going towards that my fox in the last 4 years has seen about 1000 miles
Thing is my car is gonna need some work also. Like a hood and paint ASAP. The hood is dented up and the paint is almost all gone from it. Plus that fox already has gears which is nice.

The fox would definitely be easier to sell. But I'm not looking to get it to sell. I really want one because it will be easier to build up.
well if its something you def. want i would say make the trade since hes willing to take the r title off your hands... the gears and headers are the only things i would be glad are done since they are the hardest to do..i would leave the u/d pully off the fox from experience...the fox cars run a lower a alternator and really hurt the charge. but w/ maitence out of the picture and a paint job and a 5 lug conversion you will have a nicely modded stang to start your platform build.
I'd do it-you're going to have a hard time selling yours. You can always sell the fox without worries. I personally like our cars better but look at the value of the trade.

A "clean" fox for a soiled sn95. The title value alone would push me to make the trade. Plus the fox will have forged internals so its better suited for boost/n20 should you ever want to venture down that road. Our hypercrap pistons suck compared to the fox's forged.

Both cars have lots of miles on them though the fox averages few miles per year than your sn95 does.I would take them both for a test drive. Check out the criticals: brakes, trany, suspension, accessories. Listen for creeks/noises which could identify unseen problems. Do that then make the decision.
i would look and see if it has caster plates on that car the front looks a lot lower then the rear which leads me to believe it may have some heated springs on it....maybe a cheap modder owned it and you will have a whole new bag of worms....i would really look it over and make sure that car is not all hacked up...check the inner side of the tires for cords...make sure the car is mechanically sound and not all rigged up..
Got alittle more info. It only has 2 places of rust. Dime size surface rust on the hatch and the Q-panel. Also needs a speedo cable. Said it doesn't work right until 40+mph.

My car has a lower mileage engine in it ~85k now. But it is a f150 block so it has dished slugs. So either way I'd probably need to rebuilt that or the fox before I start making serious power.

The interior of the 95 is gonna be the hardest thing for me to part with. Interior is a pretty big deal to me. I have been cleaning mine up since I got it. I can't complain about my car considering I paid 500$ for it.
well if the body has rust that just leads you to wonder what the undersdie holds...? just remember collision parts from the doors back are unavaliable besides bumper cover and hatch...what color is the interior? is it a 5 sp. what all do you know.. have you auctually seen the car?
Its an AOD car with shift kit. I haven't actually seen the car yet. I may check it out tonight I haven't decided. My car doesn't have any rust on the body but the underside has alittle.

The interior is in good shape supposedly and has 96 GT seats in it. I may just keep mine and do the 5 speed swap and throw an ABC hood on and call it a day.
like i said if the bodys showing rust the underside more then likely is bad.

and a aod isint really that great not in the fox cars...but check it out and if you plan on building cars and not worrying about selling them i would build your car you already got.
I think I'm gonna just keep mine. I just put a new WP, radiator, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, pads, rotors ect ect on mine.

I think I will enjoy my car much more whenever I get the 5 speed swapped in. Then a hood and paint.
The paint is decent on my car everywhere but the hood. There is a couple places here and there and the fenders have a couple tiny tiny dents on them. My dad also decided grill paint was a good idea on one spot on the deck lid to keep it from rusting.

My parents are extremely hard on vehicles. They run them to the ground. He sold me the car awhile back for 500$. It needed some things fixed. It barely ran when I got it. Runs as good as it can now.

A hood, 5 speed, and paint would probably make me love the car. However once I finally got my old z28 the way I wanted I sold it lol. Once I get tired of something I can't wait to get rid of it.

Hi.....my name is Joey and I have a problem.

::edit:: if it was a notch or even a LX hatch with a 5 speed this post wouldn't have been made.

The title would have read something like "Look what I traded for"
You should do the trade and put the 5 speed into the fox. I've had both and there is just something special about a nice foxbody. There is a lot more interior room in the fox as well. Whenever I would get into the SN95 I would feel cramped and I am only 6'1", but the fox feels more than adequate, especially for leg room.

i agree about the cramped feeling when i sit on the passenger side of my 94 the way the dash and door panel curve it feels confined im 6' but i wouldn't make the trade.. i think we already know that though lol
I have no issues with the interior size on the sn95. I am only 5' 9-10''ish and 175lbs. I don't have much trouble fitting in any car.

One thing that makes me want that fox is the clear title and the 3.73's. I may go check it out tonight I'm not sure.