Would you race for pink slips ?

Just saw a new show on TV (Speed channel) about drag racing for pink slips. How many of you would line up with your care on the line ? I can't see that many people willing to do it...but they found enough to make a few shows at least.
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After blowing off some high dollar, very fast cars at the track, I would have to say I would on a road course. I wouldn't on a drag strip, too much to go wrong and lose. We run low buck cars that can out run the big boys, so why not. Most folks know who I am and what I run so I don't think I would get any takers.

I agree with Jon. I did offer it once to shut a guy up with a Nova and 396. I has already beaten him once on street tires with no bottle. I came back the next week with drag radials and a full bottle and he backed down. Other than that, it is real risky. One tire spin, and say good bye to your car. You never know what the other person has. And generally speaking, someone won't race for pinks unless he is REALLY packing something.
I just saw the previews...haven't actually seen the show yet. If it's average joes who have built up cars and doing this then I will definitely watch. I would think the producers would have to do something to make it equitable...or as equitable as possible. Maybe they let you inspect the competitions cars.... I don't know.
I've known a lot of sleepers in my youth, so racing for pinks is for over inflated egos. The best sleeper I saw in high school (yes we had high schools in the prehistoric days) was a 62 Nova with 13 inch stock wheels and tires and the 6 cylinder badges. It was packing a 327. He shocked many people at the "run what you brung" races on Friday night at the drags.
nope what the hell for? So I could quite possibly screw up, and lose everything ive worked for.... :shrug: ? I mean i wouldnt do it unless i could some how, at least gurantee myself a victory, whether it be unorthodox or just plain wrong and against the code of ethics....after all it is "street racing" at the strip right? And as far as i know, anything goes in those "events" :nice:
:D I used to get offers like that when I had my 427 Stang, but for some reason, they always backed down when I'd tell them, sure, we'll do the 1/4 mile first, but then we'll race my way :D ------- full throttle to the next town and back, a 40 mile round trip. They always declined, complaining they'd blow their engine doing that. :damnit: I had built mine for the highway, complete with 4 wheel discs, 27 gal fuel cell in the trunk, 2.50 ratio 9" rear, etc. 1/4 mile performance was OK with it doing mid to high 13's, but with the 2.50 ratio rear, topend was it's strong suit. :nice:
I could see building up a cheapo racer for this purpose. Imagine all the fun in building a car without much thought to reliability or street manners. Small car, junkyard V8, serious weight reduction,,,,,,,,

But not in the stang,,,,
I might if I did what Hot Rod Magazine did back in 2000. They had a challenge of the “Vettes”. They bet that their “vette” could beat any vet they could bring. They have a vette from each body style represented and they all turned down respectable numbers. Then they brought out their “Vette” …

A 1980 Chevette! And absolutely SPANKED them all. They built the car with $2000 dollars. It pulled a low 11 second quarter. Basically stuffed a 500 CI caddy motor in it and raced it. Too funny! It looked like a total hoopty!

Well, considering I built myself a cruiser and not a bruiser I'd have to say no, not for me but I would not exactly call doing this or anyone who chooses to stupid. I mean hell, some folks bet it all on Texas Hold'em or a sports team or even do things on the roads that could cause them their life, so how can the car be too high a price to pay for loosing? That is what the world of chance is about, what fun is there without risk? For stuff like this I say it's put up or shut up.