wrecked the notch!!!!

Mr. Rustypwnz

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Jun 1, 2005
indianapolis/ valdosta ga
Ite, it never ends, first I blow up my t5 and brakes, then my dad goes to pick mom up from work and backing out clips a tree going about 10mph, it needs a bumpercover repaint and a decklid and a taillight, but Ive got parts comin tomorrow for it along with a tranz for mine and brakes, anyway does anyone have the paint code for wild strawberry? or all the paint codes would be nice just for red 1993 ford crap. OH and to top it off I broke 2 rachets on one bolt and a socket!!! :bang: :bang: :bang: the pick of the car will be in my sig in a few.
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You don't wreck notches. It's not "try not to" it's don't wreck a notch. Sounds like a minor fenderbender, but still. Why was your father driving your car? Does he not have one of his own or is it not really your car?
well its red LOL, does anybody know the paint codes for this year? It would greatly be appreciated!!! Beast: its not rwally messed up it just needs a decklid and taillight, but yeah its really clean, only 27k as of tonight. oh yeah chu get the juice? Btw: I blew up my t5, them heads are awesome LOL
Even a 2.3 Notch is still a foxbody and a notch.... it should never be touched except be a washcloth, buffing pad, or bare female flesh. Sorry, sounds like I was calling you out, it's just that I get so tired of guys (espeically young guys) talking about "thier" ride and it turns out to be thier dads.