WTB/Trade WTB 96-04 Manual GT Coupe up to $3500. (no longer looking)

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Akumu No Dara Ra

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Feb 4, 2022
Warrior, Al
The car needs to run and drive under it's own power and be viewable in person in alabama, specifically the birmingham area or meet up within an hour and a half of Warrior, AL (not counting traffic). I am happy to meet in public places during the day time or at my home. I am happy to work out a return trip or can drive you to Birmingham airport if you need and come to me.

I don't care about CELs if they're related to the exhaust not having a catalyst or the EGR, but I don't want to buy a time bomb.
The car can be outright destroyed, faded, or even multiple colors, but not rusted out or have more than door dings on structural components (Quarter panels, frame, roof, etc). the car absolutely must be straight and have all of it's body panels and lights. I don't care about ground effects kits or fancy wheels. Sell it to me on steelies if you want.

I don't care about AC, but It needs to have heat.

The interior doesn't matter at all as long as it has a driver's seat and it's not rusted out or moldy (luls)

I will not accept any automatics, period, so don't even bother.

I'm willing to spend a little bit more for any of the green colors if they have quality paint on them. Iris paint in good condition is also nice.

Decided against a convertible.

I'm looking to buy around march first unless a screaming deal comes along. the longer I wait, the more i'll have. I'll edit or remake this add as things change.

The car must have a clean title that you can present to me upon purchase. I will not accept cars with missing titles, bonded titles, or salvage/junk titles, period. Again, NO AUTOMATICS.

I will not make an offer over the internet but have a price in mind.
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