X pipe questions...


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Mar 10, 2004
What's up guys...so here's the deal.

My current O/R H pipe has been hacked up twice now and its leaking in various places. I've always been intrigued by the sound of the X pipes...so i picked up a BBK O/R X pipe for long tubes for like 150 shipped. How much different is this going to sound than my O/R H? Is it going to sound alright with 40 series flows?

I'm going to use this thread to show people some different exhaust configurations and what they sound like. The following video is my car with FRPP shorty headers, O/R H pipe and flows with custom 2.5" tails.


I will try to take a a similar video of what it sounds like now with the Longtubes, O/R H, and flows.

Then i will make another similar video with the O/R X pipe. Let me know what you think! :shrug:
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it'll sound good man. when i got my car from my brother, it had factory headers, an o/r bassani X pipe and flow 40's dumped. sounded really nice, especially at WOT, got pretty dang loud/mean. it just personally wasn't the sound i was looking for at the time (wasn't loud/deep enough), but here 3 years later, i've been thinking about switching back to an X again. you'll definitely notice a difference in sound, it's all personal preference, though, on whether you'll think it sounds better than an H or not.
I've listened to a lot of exhaust clips...and i think i have come to the consensus that i 'm just not such a big fan of the flowmaster sound anymore. Dont get me wrong...i think a stang with flows sounds classically excellent. Good tone, good sound volume. But Flows leave a bit to be desired in overall sound and power. I guess they just arent very exotic sounding.

I get the feeling that the X pipe will give me more of the raspy mod motor sound...which is great! I think mod motors sound excellent. I think in the long run...getting rid of the flows is my best bet...but for now, i think the change to an X pipe will give me some of what i'm looking for.

Plus i just want to change it up...i've been listening to the same song for years now...want to hear something different.
haha i know what you mean! and yes, even with the flows, the X will give more of a raspy sound. i say go for it man, i think you'll like the way it sounds! it's definitely different than the classic H with flowmasters sound.
20 years from now nobody is going to run anything but Flowmasters when we're all doing classic rebuilds and want things to sound like they did back in the day :lol:

Here's all MAC, full lengths/pro chamber/dumped mufflers: I love the rolling burnout at the end of this one :rlaugh:


View attachment 325801

Here's the same headers/x-pipe with 3'' Forze Flows (basically 3'' Flowmasters)

View attachment 325802

Here's the same headers/x-pipe with 2.5'' Race Bullets (sounded like total crap)

View attachment 325803

Here's the same headers/x-pipe with 2 Chamber Flowmasters cut in half and rewelded into 1 Chambers, with 3'' tail pipes (language warning at the end of this one) Notice the smoke after the revs on this one? I blew a head gasket about an hour later :rock:

View attachment 325804

And finally here's the current setup, same headers and x-pipe with Magnaflows

View attachment 325805

I love the Magnaflows, i was really into the 1 chambers but they were extremely loud, and i loved the MACs although i like them better with an X instead of the Pro Chamber and with tailpipes instead of dumps. If you have a built engine (347/heads/huge cam/intake) then the full MAC setup sounds sick:

View attachment 325806
Wow...thats a lot of different combos. I ran my old setup dumped for a long time. I ran shorty headers with the stock H pipe and dumped flows, then i ran a hi-flow catted H pipe with dumped flows, then i ran the same thing with an O/R H pipe. They got progressively louder...but i just wasnt getting the tone i wanted. I wanted something raspy in the lower revs (like from 2000-3000 rpm) but the dumped exhaust just sounded like a truck at the lower revs. Good idle...but that was about it.

I put some 2.5" tails on that last setup and i was much happier with the tone...but ofcourse there is a little bit of drone right at 2100 rpm (not as bad as most but still prevalent)

So here i am with the O/R X pipe...hoping to get some better tone and raspiness.
My brother runs the SLP LM1's on his car....they sound nasty...i think that will inevitably be the next step. get rid of these stupid chambered mufflers.

Thanks for all the vids though man...you did an excellent job documenting the changes. If i were to make one suggestion for the future it would be to have someone else videotape the car on the streets under real loads. Revs sound nice...but cars sound different on the streets!
If i were to make one suggestion for the future it would be to have someone else videotape the car on the streets under real loads. Revs sound nice...but cars sound different on the streets!

That's definitely a goal of mine because the idle rev clips don't do any of those justice. The Magnaflows especially sound totally different under load. The problem is that i never seem to either have my camera or be driving the car when i've got friends around to tape for me. What i really wanna do is get 2 friends, one to drive another car and one to tape and follow me, but getting 1 of my friends to get off their asses is hard enough.
About the only way I've actually liked the sound of Flows is when they're behind an off-road X-pipe. Frankenstang's Capri has that very setup (with Delta Series Flows, though - a bit quieter), and it actually sounds pretty damned good, IMO. :nice: (I just frickin' hate the way Flowmaster bends their pipes and hangers, and how they weld everything into place beforehand so you have no adjustability in putting it together. :notnice: )
I have a pacesetter X-pipe with 40 series flows/catback.Love it,way more mellow under normal driving,refined but loud under WOT and quiet in 5th gear at 40-65 MPH.Extremely different then the last few foxes I've had with same catback and offroad H's,they droned to much and got on my nerves.