x-pipe vs. h-pipe


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Sep 13, 2004
Miami, Ok
ok so whats the x-pipe supposed to have over an h-pipe
any power differences? what about sound. reason i ask is b/c i am buying a mac catless O/R Xpipe here shortly, to replace my crap home mad hpipe deal i got going on.

i know i know its been covered b4 i am sure but its much harder to just find a topic with the question i am askin than it seems
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I think the X is good for a little more torque but slight loss in hp and the sound is raspier (spelling) with an X. I am starting to thing about an X over an H just to have a dirrerent sound than everyone else around my area.
gcwh02 said:
H pipe is a nice deep sound (IMO a lot better) i have owned both.
X pipe is a more high pitch, not a fan, but it screams a little better when up in the R's

Couldn't be pretty put, i run a bassani x-pipe, i love it but that's prob. b/c bassani does have some sick sounding exhaust set-ups.....
flying high said:
i had a x and h pipe on my 93, the o/r h with flows sounds bad ass. the o/r x with flows sound like crap, i hated the way it sounded, no real power difference felt.

I couldn't agree more lol , though i do like the way it sounds at idle. I'll be putting some new mufflers on it as soon as the funds are available.