Xenon Chin spoiler. any good?


15 Year Member
Apr 28, 2005
how does it compare to a factory ford mach I chin spoiler?

i believe the materials a different. main thing that concerns me is that most of these spoilers are shipped folded. im worried i could never get the crease out but several guys n gals say it isnt a problem. some of the ford spoilers are shipped UNfolded but that yields a little higher price. supposedly the hardware is better on some of these as well.

anyway, anyone have any experience with the xenon's?

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"Dude, for $10 more you can get the true Mach 1 lip from americanmuscle.com, free shipping...."

when you say 'true', do you mean Ford? if so, im not so sure those are even OE. i could be wrong, they just arent labeled that way.

do you have any experience with either?
Whichever one you get, I recommend you not using those plastic pushpins. I did on my 1st chin spoiler and I lost it on the highway one day coming home. Granted, I had just made a high speed pull also.

I used locking nuts and bolts on my current chin spoiler!
The one from american muscle is not a Ford OEM part. It is a little shinier than the Ford part, but but it still looks great. I bought one from AM at their show over the summer, and it came with bolts for hardware instead of plastic pushpins. Overall, I can't complain. It looks great and it was a good price.