Z-Bar/Exhaust Problems


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Dec 6, 2004
Ok... Here is the situation. Got a 67 coup with a completely fried 351 in it. Here is what I have done. Put in a 302 and had the orig top-loader manual transmission rebuilt. Got everything back in the car and was pretty happy. One problem. There was no spot on the engine for the manual clutch Z-arm to mount to. Turns out the engine that was ordered was the one for an auto transmission. (Re-seller screwed up). Spoke with the engine folks and the only difference is one has the spot for the Z-arm and one doesn't. I found an engine side clutch equalizer bracket from CJPonyparts.com and it fit perfectly. Problem. Exhaust manifold won't fit because of the bracket. Headers won't work either. I am at a loss. I already paid to have the top-loader transmission rebuilt. Don't want to upgrade now. Any suggestions?
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Hi There
Im running a 302 with 4 spd and z bar.
Im running Summit headers and I didn't
have any problem installing the Z bar. Im
taken it out a couple of times because I
bent the bar. Its kind of like a puzzle because it is a Pain to get in there but
work it around and make sure the brace on the frame is moved far back to make
room to get in in between the header.
It should work.
Hope this helps
is it the bracket or the actual z-arm that is in the way? if its the bracket then there are a number of headers that will miss this (especially long tube headers). if its the arm, you can do some mods to the z-arm, there have been a few people on the boards that have done this. basically it would be changing the cross rod where the tube runs (raise it about an inch or two). this requires welding and reinforcing the whole z-arm structure.

i know this does not directly answer your Q but might help a little