1995 gt

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    1995 5.0 Issues

    Hi all, new here. I’ve recently just got a 95’ GT 5 speed and I’ve been having a few issues with the car once in a while. I haven’t got the time yet to start playing around with things to check first, so I’m here hoping I could get some good opinions on what to check initially. I’m not that good...
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    1995 GT500 Style hood options

    Hi all! I have a question for anyone who may be able to point me in the right direction. I've had a 1995 GT for years that's just been a weekend driver waiting for money and I finally have some and am planning a whole host of upgrades. One of those is to change the hood to something a little...
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    1995 GT Manual wont move in reverse

    Something is wrong with my 95 GT. It drives fine in 1st - 5th gear and no problems going forward but now when i put it in reverse to back up its acing like something is stopping it and kills the car. It started off once acting like something was dragging and barely was able to get it to reverse...
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    Clutch / Shifting Problems After New Clutch

    1995 GT. Just replaced the clutch with a RAM HDX street/strip clutch and PP. Throw out bearing is Ford Racing and Pilot bearing is too. Flywheel was resurfaced at a shop. After everything was done, the clutch would grab on the floor. I installed a Ford Racing adjustable cable and got it to the...
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    Where To Find A 95 Manual Trans Ecm?

    Auto parts stores have discontinued the part # for reman ecm, ebay vendors have nothing. Does anybody know where to find a 95 GT OBDI engine computer for manual trans? Anybody got a good one on the shelf I can buy? When did they become unavailable?
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    Radiator Fan And Wiring Mess

    I bought a 95 gts to fix up and is currently a mess. The fan works when connected directly to the battery but I don't think it's turning on when it gets up to temp. On the dash the temp gauge looks higher then it is and rev gauge doesn't work at all. The guy I bought the car from was trying to...
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    1995 Gt 325k+ Miles Runs Great Rebuild?

    Okay so I have a 95 Gt 5.0 M5. The car runs great besides recently dying while going back to idle when clutch is in. But this car has a ton of mile on it my dad has drove it for past 10 years everyday 45miles round trip. The car has over 325k+ it stopped rolling over 3 years ago at 295k. We want...