1. 03Mach1AzureBlue

    03 Mach 1 Caliper

    Hey guys, I'm new on here and want to ask a question. Are the front calipers on a 03 Mach 1 the same as the calipers on the same year GT? I can't seem to find mach 1 front calipers i just keep coming across 03 GT and Cobra calipers.
  2. J

    Brakes Squeaking New 2016 Ecoboost

    hey yall, im new here. i got my brand new 2016 mustang Ecoboost in February this year. ive put about 3500 miles on it. around 2500 miles i started noticing that my brakes squeak alot when driving slow, backing up or just coming to a stop gradually. i took it to my dealer and they said...
  3. andros spud

    Circuit Track Day 2014 Gt500 - Uk - Introduction

    Hi, just wanted to introduce myself...I'm a recent buyer of a 2014 GT500 here in the UK. I've upgraded the suspension using BMR kit, and replaced the Bilsteins with Koni Yellow's. First circuit track day yesterday...had a LOT of fun. Brakes next...very smelly after 5 laps, but generally the...
  4. Jay's64Stang

    Csrp Power Disc Brake Conversion Brakes Not Working Properly

    Hi everybody! I just finished installing the CSRP Disc Brake Manual Transmission Power Conversion, and tested it last night. Unfortunately, they didnt stop as well as i would have liked. The pedal has a good firm feel when the engine is off, however when on, i can depress the pedal with almost...
  5. A

    2004 Brakes Relieving

    I recently purchased a 2004 v6 convertible Mustang just for fun. The brakes have a squishy wet fart feeling just before you come to a stop. This happens when you're at 2 to 3 mile an hour it feels like the brake fluid is relieving but I do not know where. Does this sound like a bad master...
  6. 05-14 Mustang GT500 15" Brembo Brake Kit Install - Ford Racing M-2300-T

    05-14 Mustang GT500 15" Brembo Brake Kit Install - Ford Racing M-2300-T

    Click here to see more information about this 13-14 GT500 Brake Kit: 2005-14 FORD MUSTANG FORD RACING GT500 BREMBO BRAKE KIT Brand: Ford Racing Performance Parts (FRPP) Part #: M2300T (FRPP#...