1. 93CalypsoConvert

    Fox Brake booster keeps failing.

    So I've had brake issues the entire time I've owned this car. Now, I can't seem to find a brake booster that will actually work. Here is what is happening. Its weird, bear with me: - The VERY FIRST time I press the brake pedal after the car is completely cooled off, the brakes work great...
  2. 93CalypsoConvert

    Fox Restricted Brakes

    My car is a 1993 with the factory 4 cylinder brakes. It is a convertible, so it uses the V8 booster, even though the rest of the system is 4 cylinder. My symptoms... This is hard to explain, bear with me: My brake pedal cannot move quickly. Even if I press hard on the pedal, it will take...
  3. opihinalu

    Brakes 5 lug disc conversion

    Hey all. I am in the middle of a suspension refresh and I feel like now would be a good time to put discs on the rear as well. There is a guy near me selling a 5 lug disc 4.10 rear end. Besides that, what kind of parts do I need? Also I have read that you need a new master cylinder, why is that?
  4. opihinalu

    Brakes JB weld to fix brake fluid leak?

    I know I know this is probably a terrible idea, but I recently installed a wilwood proportioning valve because my stock one was leaking. When I installed this, on the inlet side the brake line was slightly bent and caused me to strip the female threads on the proportioning valve. I went on my...
  5. opihinalu

    Brakes Bleeding the brakes

    I installed an adjustable proportioning valve and now I need to bleed the brakes. Do I need to jack up all 4 sides of the car to do this? I can’t locate the bleeder valve on the rear drums so I feel like I really have to get under and behind them for it to work.
  6. J

    Weld Prostar, Wilwood Brake Combo fitment?

    I plan on getting a set of 15x4 Weld Prostars to throw on my 93 notch. I on ordered the Wilwood Forged Dynalite Front Brake kit with fox spindles. I have heard that these brakes are different from stock, in that they push the wheel out further than stock location. Have any of you run this combo...
  7. opihinalu

    Brakes Am I flaring my brakes the wrong way?

    I stripped one of my flare nuts and I am attempting to replace it. I cut the line and put the new nut on. Now I am trying to double flare the line. I really don’t understand though. I have been practicing this on some 5/16 transmission cooler hardline that I cut off of my car. I could not get...
  8. opihinalu

    Proportioning valve leaking, of course.

    My brake fluid has been leaking for a while now but has just recently got much worse. It used to be a slow leak and I had to fill up on fluid every 2 months or so, but 2 days ago I filled the fluid up and it is already completely empty after about 2 hours of driving. I looked for the leak and I...
  9. opihinalu

    Chirping noise every time wheel spins

    I recently (about 1 week ago) had my brake shoes and springs changed on my 1986 Mustang hatch and I have noticed a chirping sound coming from my rear wheels every time they spin. I can only hear it in the cab when the windows are down and I'm driving along side a curb or a wall or another car so...
  10. J

    Drivetrain Rear disc brake conversion

    I have a 91 5.0 mustang and I have rear drums with 5 lug axles will these axles work for a rear disc brake conversion or will I have to get some 94-98 axles
  11. T

    master cylinder upgrade and brake booster question

    I was just thinking of changing the master cylinder and brake booster on my 1985 mustang. Everything on the braking system is stock but was just curious if I would benefit from switching the master cylinder and brake booster to a newer system?
  12. P

    No power steering or brakes

    Hello, I just installed a power steering pump on my 97. I watched a bad video on how to bleed the system and did it wrong. After installing, I jacked up the car and crunk up the car(I know, this is where I messed up.) I turned the wheels from side to side a few times and had no air so I thought...
  13. R

    1966 Mustang Brake Issues

    I have a 1966 Mustang with a newly installed dual master cylinder with power booster. The car has front disc back drums setup. Also have the proportioning valve with built in residual valve for rear drum brakes. Everything is plumbed in, but I am suffering from barely any braking power even...
  14. P

    noisey vented slotted rotors

    on my 99 GT I had a set if power stop brakes and slotted and vented rotors installed about 500 miles ago. when driving at a good rate of speed it sounds like its a bicycle with baseball cards in the spokes. weird right? anyone have issues with these type of rotors? driving me crazy. no...
  15. D

    67 Drum to Pwr Disk porportion valve question

    I have mostly finished conversion of my 67 FB from the old manual drum to power disk brakes. This all went well however I dont really want to use the oversized separate portioning valve supplied. Call me anal however is just big ugly and going to be a real pain to install. The exiting...
  16. AUBURN1111

    Brakes Cadillac ATS calipers installed!

    Finally completed the install, minor modifications to calipers and spindles to make them work but well worth it. I would recommend using Mustang5L5 install kit which includes spacers to center the rotor and new threaded inserts to space the caliper correctly on the rotor. So with all new parts...
  17. T

    91 mustang front brakes lock up

    I have a 91 mustang gt that I bought without a motor and trans. Bought the motor and trans off my close friend out of his 93 mustang. He gave me the 5 lug conversion and I'm having issues with the front end. So the caliper is a double piston, slotted rotors and new pads but when I press the...
  18. S

    Reoccurring squeak/chirping noise coming from rear.

    Howdy! I've been having this strange issue with my 2002 Mustang GT (114k miles) for several years now. I keep getting a chirp/squeak from what sounds like the rear of the car. It does not do it when idling, it can be heard driving around in parking lots or going over bumps and sometimes even...
  19. C

    No brakes

    Hi I recently replaced my master cylinder because I figured that would fix my problem of not being able to stop when I press the brake pedal. System was bled by the books after replacing and brake pads were inspected and are almost brand new. Although, an ABS light does come on and I have not...
  20. V


    I have a 2000 GT and ordered a new hydro-boost. I was wondering what the full process of removing the hydro is? Is there a bleeding process? Do I have to get new fluid? Is there gaskets, o-rings...etc I have to replace? Please let me know the steps and other resources I need. Thank you!