1. T

    Engine build help

    Hello I got me a engine out of a 90s f-150 and I’m not sure exactly what year but I was wanting to do a turbo build with it and I’ve heard the stock engine can hold it as long as I’m not over 450 hp if I rebuild the bottom end with the stock crank and pistons and rods and do gt40 heads and an...
  2. C

    What engine is this exactly?

  3. Levi.Productions

    300WHP for $3000

    Alright so I have a 1996 Mustang GT that I am looking to mod. So far for power upgrades it only has a cold air intake. The engine has 260,000kms. I've got a budget of $3000 Canadian (2250 for you Americans) and I'm trying to plan out my build for this spring. My main thing at the moment is...
  4. Levi.Productions

    1996 Mustang GT Build (Ew to New)

    Figured I should start a thread for my mustang project. We start our adventure last summer, when I had gotten my licence a few months ago. I had been given my grandpas old honda pilot (mainly for insurance purposes I normally drive my dad's truck) and was given the ok from my parents to sell the...
  5. D

    351w na build combo opinions

    I have a 351w bored 40 over. Stock bottom end, all arp bolts. I have a vic jr single plane intake, trick flow stage 3 hyrdraulic roller cam, trick flow 1.7 rocker arms,so cam will be 640 lift do not know the other specs of cam off hand right now, trick flow twisted wedge 11r 205 cylinder heads...
  6. Junkyard 03GT

    Progress Thread 2003 Ford Mustang GT Build Log

    Hi guys, I just bought my first ever new to me mustang this past weekend. A 2003 Ford Mustang GT with the manual transmission. I drove it home and immediately got to work. Known issues - CEL P0442, P0136, P0141, P0156, P0161 Interior - broken AC fans, door handles, radio turns on but has...
  7. B

    New from NY with my 92 LX 363 build!

    New from NY with my 92 LX 363 build! Work in progress. Dart block and afr 205s on the way from Jim over @fordstrokers! Im sure I'll have many questions along the way and help is much appreciated. Bought the car 20 something years after my father had and sold the same year and color. Has a...
  8. Justin Fetalvero

    Progress Thread 1994 Free Mustang Budget Build - Project Maui Cruiser

    Note: I have wrote this post 3 times already and everytime I save it for some reason parts of the post go missing. Sorry if it doesn't make sense at the moment. A couple days ago I got a free 1994 Mustang V6 Convertible off Craigslist. It was an old filipino man who's build race cars (for the...
  9. Fudge1218

    Building A 5.0 Engine

    First off if this is the wrong place I apologize don't really know the layout of the forums yet. But I'm building a 5.0 302 for my 83 convertible, and I was talking to a friend, who's very good at building engines and was giving me a lot of answers, but Im just trying to know if anyone' built a...
  10. 87_notch_402

    Fox 87 Notch Progresss

    I new to this forum! I don't even know if im posting this correctly. I just thought i would share some progress of my fox body that i purchased last year. Ive done a few things this past year and am currently 351w swapping it right now. Ill try to keep updating this thread with new things im...
  11. uhHollow

    Fox Need Suggestions

    Hey, first time posting but I have a 79 v6 3.3 mustang and I don't know which directions I should go with it. I don't know if I should swap the engine or work on the v6 I currently have but if I do choose to work on it I don't know what to really do to it