1. Mustang5L5

    Ford CD Changer Operating Guide F1ZF-19A016-BA

    CD changer operating guide for Ford E9LF CD changer
  2. S


    First time on one of these forums but I have a 2002 Mustang v6 one issue I am having is that the headlights/high beams are very dim I can barely see up the road and damn near nothing on the sides. I replaced old housings with completely new and clear housings and replaced bulbs with the...
  3. N

    fluctuating rpms 02 GT

    new here, my name is nicole and i currently own a 2002 5 speed mustang gt. she was an auction find, had 134k miles when i bought her now has 145k. my issue is, when i cold start the engine, it’ll idle high then drop, idle high then drop. the rpms get up to a grand, then drop to a little under...
  4. Noobz347

    Administrative Ford Super Duty Axle Recall - Read and Pass Along

    Putting this here just so that the word gets out: View:
  5. zackmatias

    Hello from Canada!

    Hey everyone, new to these forums. I have a 89 GT and absolutely love it! I’m more of a do it yourself kind of person rather than someone else working on my car which is why I joined these forums.
  6. A

    2020 Mustang GT Alarm Problems

    Hi, I bought a brand new 2020 Ford Mustang GT in February. Thirty days went by without any problems, I drove 1200 miles. The car was always kept in a dark, safe and locked garage. After thirty days, the car’s alarm suddenly went off, without any external input (I wasn’t even in the garage)...
  7. C

    For Sale 2010 Mustang GT 97,000 miles. In Indiana. $13,000

    2010 mustang gt for sale. Asking 13000. Car is in great shape and has 97,000 miles on it. It has a hurst short throw shifter, rubber floor mats, window louvers, flow master axel back exhaust, and Laguna seca wheels 19x9 in the front and 19x10 in the rear. Only thing it could use is some rear...
  8. D

    Engine 2001 Mustang GT 2 Valve 4.6 No Oil Pressure.

    Hello guys! I’m new to the Stang Family! I just brought a 2001 Mustang Gt 2 valve, and the car had no oil pressure, the right head was clacking, and the timing chain was clacking too. So I went ahead with replacing the timing chains with the tensioners, and replaced the oil pump. I put the motor...
  9. D

    SOLD [FOR SALE] 1996 Mustang GT Convertible / 4.6 - Automatic /Former Virginia car

    1996 Mustang GT Convertible / 4.6 - Automatic /Former Virginia Car, 112,000 miles Car has NO Rot or Rust, Runs excellent, have 2 sets of wheels/tires (all new) for the right price Asking $6500.00 or Best Offer, **** Make an Offer****** Attleboro, MA 508-269-2072
  10. R

    My new 66 mustang

    So I bought a 66 Mustang and I have plans to modernize it a bit,It's a stock 6cyl 200 with a 3-speed. I'm trying to upgrade most of it's components over time as I have access to a workshop for free. One of the main things that I'm trying to switch out is the transmission, that 3-speed is not...
  11. stang89bidges

    SOLD 1989 Mustang GT 5.0 Black, Hatchback, T5, DFW Texas

    Selling my Mustang everyone. It's a 1989 Ford Mustang GT Hatchback with 100,500 original miles!! The car is still mostly stock and in excellent condition. Garage kept most of its life. Everything in the car works. I have owned the car for 8 years now. Never been wrecked. Clean title. I'm in...
  12. K

    What's it Worth? Seeking rough valuation on manual 1967 Coupe w/ 351 Windsor

    Hi all, As title says, I'm seeking a rough valuation on this 1967 Ford Mustang coupe that is a manual (reportedly 5-speed) and has a 351 Windsor engine in it. Unfortunately I'm still waiting to hear back on mileage. Exterior is in good shape and interior is decent. I have attached pictures. I...
  13. 9

    Please help!! 1997 Ford mustang GT Pi head confirmation

    Hi I have a 1997 GT and I decided to do a PI intake swap and the gaskets needed no modding and the intake sat perfect but I noticed that the non Pi intake I took off, the gaskets didn't line up correctly and we're actually partially in the intake holes. Is this a clear representation that I have...
  14. S

    Upgrading my radio, Looking for Ideas/Help

    Hello everyone, I'm new here, so this is my first post. Basically I purchased a 1981 Mustang that is decently tricked out. The radio is well ready to be upgraded or replaced though. Currently it's running an aftermarket radio that is pretty run down and used. It's only hooked up to two speakers...
  15. B

    95 Mustang GT power loss RPM issue

    Hi. I'm new to this forum. I have a problem with my car after numerous attempts to fix the issue to no avail. My 95 Mustang GT has had this ongoing issue for a long time. Pedal has this sort of vibrating feel when pressed cruise or load. Car bogs and sounds loud and not going anywhere past...
  16. M

    Please help!! Engine tick in the new edge Mustang GT

    So I bought my car six months ago and it’s been running and driving great. It’s 2000 new edge Mustang GT. About a month and a half ago (roughly) it randomly started an obnoxious ticking noise. I’ve found this is a common problem among my model of stang. I’ve run seafoam, done a motor flush and...
  17. 6

    Trying to find a set of period correct wheels

    Hello all! My name is 614HSO. I am just new to this site and I would like to know if anyone here would have some knowledge on a type of wheel that had looked to have been offered by an aftermarket company (such as Prime or ARE) during the 1990’s. If you didn’t know, the NYPD confiscated two Fox...
  18. 1990 Mustang LX 2.3

    1990 Mustang LX 2.3

    My 1990 Mustang LX.
  19. shakn68

    Event Information! All Ford Swap Meet at Sacaramento Raceway Sunday May 20, 2018

    2nd Annual All Fast Fords and Muscle Mustangs Swap Meet being held at Sacramento Raceway as part of the all day Fast Fords and Muscle Mustangs event. Limited swap spaces. Spaces approximately 15' x15'. $15 for reserved spaces. $25 for unassigned (day of event). Vendors and attendees must also...
  20. MoDriver

    SOLD 1964.5-1966 Ford Mustang Quarter Panels - Original From Ford Parts Dept. (Virginia - 22152)

    [SOLD] These were originally purchased new in the 90's from a parts department at Ted Britt Ford (a Ford dealer) in Fairfax, VA (last ones from the east coast I was told at the time of purchase). These are not aftermarket parts, they are Ford parts made with Ford tooling and can't be bought...