head gasket

  1. B

    Header Bolt Snapped off Please help

    Hi, I am new to the forum and I have checked as many posts as I can stand looking for something similar to help. I can not find anything that satisfies an answer to my problem so here we go. I bought a 2008 Mustang GT about a month ago... This was great but I have started to find several issues...
  2. opihinalu

    Is this oil in my radiator?

    Car overheated yesterday and I opened up the radiator a few minutes ago and found brown sludge. Is this oil? If so whats wrong? Cracked head gasket?
  3. C

    Bringing an old 289 back to life

    Hey guys, Long time lurker and a first time poster here. I have a 66 that I put in storage 10 years ago when I assume I blew a head gasket (water in oil). Before storing I disconnected the radiator and changed the oil And ran the engine with new oil and filter. I then did it again and cranked...
  4. B

    Engine Bobby wants to fix his turbo car

    I just bought a 90 mustang GT,5.0, automatic with a turbo. I noticed the exhaust and fuel system has been upgraded. I also noticed a vent line not on there. I'm not sure if it's because of turbo or just was left off. This car is very clean and very fast. I also need to do a head gasket job on...
  5. T

    Engine 1990 5.0- Overheating and Smoke after Head Swap (Need advice ASAP)

    I'm getting desperate at this point. So, I had bad compression in two of my cylinders and my car drank coolant before I started this job nearly two months ago, so figured I would check the head gaskets. I have never had this engine open since I got the car. At the same time, I pulled some GT40p...
  6. C

    1998 Ford Mustang Gt, Oil(mixed with coolant) flowing out of the coolant resivior.

    1998 Ford Mustang GT (startup after 9 years) The engine started right up, and as I watched the engine after it had started, Light brown oil (obviously mixed with coolant) started to flow very quickly out of my resivoir. Also, I found that the oil and coolant mix was found everywhere in the...
  7. F

    Proud 2kGT Owner Looking for Info

    What up Fellow Stang Owners! Bought my SN95 a few months ago from my neighbor. May as well have stolen it from them for what I paid. Either way, the car was half dead and barely running. I've done a decent amount on it thus far (tune up, coolant flush, oil change, & rear drums and brake pads)...
  8. F

    Skip at low (<2000 RPM), new exhaust smell

    My 2003 GT started a skip a couple of months ago I attributed to a failing ignition coil (it’s happened before), I thought I’d wait it out and use my scanner when it got bad enough to draw a check engine light. Now, it hasn’t gotten worse, and it’s only at lower engine speeds, but now I smell...
  9. B

    Blown Head Gasket = Cracked Or Warped Head?!?

    I just brought my 97' V6 into an auto shop for a motor swap with a 95' After a little extra work and a lot of an extra shop charges, it's now been discovered that the 95' has a blown head gasket. (Something the Craigslist seller didn't mention when he sold it). But the mechanic at the shop is...
  10. Y

    Coolant Came Out Of Overflow Cap; Car Wont Start

    Hey all, i am new to the forum so first and foremost i would like to apologize if this post already exists somewhere, or if i have already broken some rule i don't know about here. I know how forum members can sometimes be very particular about the rules of their specific forum being upheld...
  11. B

    2.3 Head Gasket

    I'm fairly sure I have a blown head gasket on my hands. I'm getting like a coffee cream color on the oil dip stick. I'm doing an oil change tomorrow to see for sure if coolant is mixing with it. If someone could point me toward a head gasket replacement step by step instructions that'd be fantastic
  12. H

    Engine Head Gaskets Again

    Alright guys long time no post. Last time I posted I was fishing out a bolt from the dizzy hole thanks to my brother. So a little recap of what I've been dealing with Blew my head gaskets. Bought new heads. Lower intake wasn't on right. Than dropped bolt down dizzy. So I got my car back...
  13. A

    Block Pitting Photos, Is This An Issue?

    Swapping the head gasket and there's slight pitting on the block. I've cleaned it up a pretty decent amount but I'm not too sure if this will be an issue as far as sealing or not. I went around the surface with a straight edge and .006 & .003 feeler gauge (same tolerance for the heads) it all...
  14. A

    Engine Opinions On Head Gasket Job Please!

    2004 4.6 and the head gasket took a :poo:, the heads are off and going to the shop but I'm contemplating removing the rest of the block from the car for reassembly and possibly sending that to the shop also. After looking at everything there doesn't seem to be any damage to the heads/block or...
  15. S

    Engine Stuck/seized Tfs Aluminum Head

    Hey, as I am sure most of you can to relate at some point, im most of half-way through a job and hit a damn brick wall. My 95 302 had been going through radiators and just generally giving me grief and she finally decided it was time I replace the head gaskets. driver side head came off just...
  16. M

    Fox Body Owners

    Calling all Fox Body owner.....my daughter just purchased a 90 Mustang 5.0. Has anybody out there ever had a problem with a head gasket? The motor has developed a miss and there's white smoke coming out one exhaust pipe. Does anyone have experience pulling heads on a 5.0?