1. 5

    Horse power guess on my 14' GT

    So I bought a completely stock 2014 gt with under 15k miles about two months ago, since then ive put an exhaust, cat delete, and a tune required C&L cai on it, and ive got a sct with bama custom tunes on it and i always run 93 octane. out of curiousity im wondering about where you guys would...
  2. M

    Estimated horsepower - stroked 351w?

    I just picked up a project car in the form of a 68 coupe. Some previous owner swapped in a 351w that I'm told is stroked to 387. That probably means it has 302 pistons, stock rods, and a 3.85 crank. Assuming that's accurate, what's a general ballpark for horsepower? Cheers!
  3. Xkuzme1

    Fox Horsepower Guess?

    I’d like to hear what your best guess of my horsepower and torque are. I’m guessing Max 300 HP @ 6300 310 TQ @ 3200 My guess is purely based on seat of the pants. Edelbrock victor jr heads Cobra intake 93 cobra MAF/TB/Fuel Injectors Fly cut pistons Compcams 1.7 roller rockers Compcams 1pc...
  4. R

    95 Mustang GT Auto Mods

    Hello Everyone, I recently purchased a 95 mustang GT 5.0 Auto. Since this is my first mustang, I dont know much about it. The car is bone stock and has 67.000 miles on it. I would like to do some mods but I dont know where to start. I have seen some posts on the form but it confused me more. I...
  5. 1

    For Sale 302 with T5 World Class Transmission (350 HP) (MD) $5500 OBO

    Hello, I have a 302 mated to a T5 world class 5 speed transmission that had roughly 1000 miles before the car was wrecked. Everything on the engine was new when it was built. I will include a picture of the build parts. Its under an engine hoist ready to go and be dropped into your muscle car...
  6. B

    Fox 1985 GT Hatchback with AOD/CFI Build

    Hello all, and thank you. I am new to this forum, but I am a member of several others (namely CruzeTalk and I think another forum or two). I have searched for other CFI builds, but came up dry, so I started this one. As the title suggests, I have an 85 CFI engine in my Mustang. I purchased...
  7. M

    High Horsepower

    Would like to build a high horsepower car in the next few years hoping to push the 700hp mark. I would love to do this in the 94-98 body style. was wondering what the best motor to use would be? I would rather use a stock motor if possible and upgrade internals and such, was thinking the 5.0...
  8. M

    Gt Engine Swap??

    I got a 2000 mustang gt Whats a good engine? i want to be abe to be fast as a cobra terminator or a 2ss camero 2016 or a 2012 boss I may be unrealistic but I want to be at least fast as a termi tho... If u have any suggestions lmk cause I have 30k n I don't know what to swap my engine with 1...
  9. kbmustangGT89

    Engine 89 Mustang Gt Engine Question

    So I just bought my first car not to long ago it is a 89 mustang GT. Right away i have bin modifying it with plans of restoring and upgrading in the future. I put a 70 mm TB on and it still has the stock EGR Spacer i will be getting a 70mm spacer when i have the money. After that i started...
  10. L

    Engine Where To Buy Powerdyne Supercharger Pulley

    I have been looking online trying to find somewhere to buy a smaller pulley for this supercharger. It shows Summit has them but says they are not available. Anyone know?