Horse power guess on my 14' GT


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Feb 22, 2020
York, Pa.
So I bought a completely stock 2014 gt with under 15k miles about two months ago, since then ive put an exhaust, cat delete, and a tune required C&L cai on it, and ive got a sct with bama custom tunes on it and i always run 93 octane. out of curiousity im wondering about where you guys would think where i stand at RWHP, ive read many different numbers for the car being stock from lots of people but theyre alll so different i dont know what to believe anywhere from 350 RWHP - 375 RWHP. Also my car is a manual since i know that makes a difference. Thanks in advance ladies and gentleman.

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Jul 12, 2018
Gains of 25-40 RWHP over stock are not uncommon with a good Tune and freeing up the induction & exhaust system in a Coyote 5.0. It’s important to note that you will lose any extended warranty or power train warranty if modifications are found by a Dealer, Ford recently put this into effect, just an FYI.
Removing Cats doesn’t gain much any discernible HP/TQ, there’s many that flow excellent, stock units flow decently as well.
Run it on a DYNO & know for certain, or do a 0-60 & see what it runs consistently, that will easily transfer into what it’s planting as well.
Good luck!