1. D

    Expired Front Bucket Seats For 1965

    I am rebuilding a 1965 Mustang and will not be reusing the front bucket seats. I am selling them as a pair with the brackets. I believe they are original to the car but am not positive. The tracks appear to be working well. $250/obo
  2. H

    2002 Vert Stang

    Hey folks my lights in my mirror stopped working. It all started after I had my windows tented and it seemed like the cord had been pulled on too hard and created a fault in the wiring because I think when I adjusted the mirrors to a position they would work well and then to another they would...
  3. 5

    Interior Light Issues

    Hey, you guys new to the forums, just need some help and feed back. I currently have a 2013 mustang manual v6, My interior dome map lights are acting a little funny. So when I unlock the car, they turn on, but once i step inside and drive around, they don't turn on when i press on them. They do...
  4. Pauliematts

    Expired Custom Interior Blue And Tan

    Hey everyone, up for sale is custom interior. Includes seats, front and rear, rear quarter panels, door panels, and even center console. Seats are fully assembled. Project was done for a friend who wound up losing the car prior to work being finished. His loss is your gain. Originally priced for...
  5. S

    1965 Mustang Carpet Kit (coupe Vs. Fastback)

    QUESTION: If I have a carpet kit for a 1965 Mustang Fastback, can I make it work in a Coupe? I'm on a super tight budget and a friend gave me a carpet kit but its for a fastback and I have a coupe...Can I make this fit or will it be completely off? Thanks guys
  6. 84Ttop

    Expired 97 Cobra Seats, Mint!!

    For sale: 97 Cobra Tan Leather Seats These seats were reupholstered 2 years ago and are mint Front and back seats as a set and will not separate I prefer to sell local, parts located in Mullica Hill, NJ 08062 300$ Firm for the set, I will entertain shipping at actual shipping costs Paypal...
  7. FrankenStang88

    Electrical Aftermarket Radio

    Ok so i bought a nice double din kenwood deck to replace the gaping hole where my stock radio should have been but i ran into a problem. The radio functions great and works but it isnt installed or bolted in correctly, actually its not bolted in at all it just sits in the hole. The back of the...
  8. FrankenStang88

    Interior and Upholstery 1988 Gt Seats

    So, ive been looking on site after site, looking for replacement seats in my fox. The current ones i have are the stock ones and they are all kinds of messed up. The drivers seat wont lock after you ajdust it forward and back and the passenger has water damage. The only seats ive found are...
  9. 2012 Mustang

    2012 Mustang

    Painted Interior Pieces
  10. How to paint/dye interior vinyl and plastic parts - Mustang Tech (Fox Body, SN95 & S197)

    How to paint/dye interior vinyl and plastic parts - Mustang Tech (Fox Body, SN95 & S197)

    Buy your Mustang interior paint and dye here When changing your interior color we recommend using the sealer/primer on all hard plastic and metal surfaces...