1. R

    Electrical OEM Door Lock Actuator Internals/Rebuild?

    I'm aware of the jrichker's door lock actuator mod which seems like a more permanent solution, but I have a seized actuator I just took off of a friends car and figured I should cut it open and see how it works and thought I would document it since it was going to end up in the trash otherwise...
  2. M

    71 Seats

    Hi everyone! I recently won a (nearly) basket case 71 Mach 1 at auction but it has no interior. I’ve been searching the internet but haven’t been able to find seats for it yet. Can anyone point me to a company that sells aftermarket seat frames? It’s the sports interior if that matters. Thanks...
  3. F

    Interior Restore Question

    Hi, I have the 89w/ GT3 body, I need to replace one of my armrests. My interior trim code says "DA", which I read a D for cloth/vinyl seats, and A for Titanium - but the only '89 arm rests I can find are the "smoke gray" color - which looks correct, but it's a different color code than the...
  4. P

    96 Mustang GT Gauge Cluster Replacement with Unknown Aftermarket Speedhut Cluster (Information Needed)

    Hello I have a 96 GT Vert and the stock cluster works perfectly fine. However, the car came with this aftermarket cluster, and I know basically nothing about it. The previous owner said it was a cobra cluster but I can tell it isn't. I have no idea what year it is from, and can find no...
  5. M

    Another Interior Question for sn95ers

    I have leads on two full sets of seats, and they are cheap cheap cheap. One set is from a 2005 GT; next is 2000. My questions are: Will the fronts from the 2005 bolt into my '96? Do I even have a chance at installing the back seats - I see they are split (folding I imagine). The 2000 has upper...
  6. L

    Adapters for newer seats in SN95 convertible?

    I've been hunting around on this for a while now, looking to put newer Mustang seats into my 98GT Convertible. There was a company that used to make exactly what I'm after...
  7. M

    Need help removing paint off a dash

    I just bought a 96 4.6 and the dash has been spray painted white. I know someone who has a grey dash f9r sale, but I wanted to see if anyone else has had to remove paint off a dash. Thanks
  8. N

    Plastic panel under the knee bolster on 2009 Mustang V6 4.0

    So I have a 2009 Mustang V6 4.0 and I am missing the plastic panel that goes under the knee bolster that would cover all the cables on the driver side and the plastic panel that goes under the glove compartment that covers all the cables on the passenger side and I am having a hard time figuring...
  9. opihinalu

    How do I remove the seat belt anchor cover?

    1986 GT. Can’t figure it out.
  10. 8

    Interior and Upholstery Restoring the Door Panels On Destiny the '86 GT

    I'm restoring the door panels on my '86 GT convertible. The door panel vinyl is in great shape, but like most of these foxes, the cardboard behind the vinyl and carpet has warped due to water damage. This also affected the door panel carpet, so that will be replaced as well. Someone before me...
  11. ReefBlueGT

    Interior and Upholstery Anyone have Procar Elite Lumbar DLX seats in their Fox?

    Hi all, been thinking about replacing my factory seats for awhile now. The Procar Elite Lumbar DLX caught my eye because the vertical stitching will still match the rear seat in my convertible, and they look very supportive and much more comfortable than OEM, especially since I’m over 6’ and...
  12. B

    Convertible rear interior quarter panel swap

    Hey guys I’m hoping someone can confirm or deny the ability to swap out the rear interior panels on a foxbody convertible. I have a 1989 that doesn’t have the speaker grills (and are IMPOSSIBLE to find in decent shape) is It possible to convert to the 1990-1993 rear panels? Besides the obvious...
  13. 8

    Ghetto seat swap

    I just bought a 97 gt convertible and the seats in it are complete trash with dead motors that sag to the left. I wanna put anything else in it that would simply hold me in place but I'm in Hawaii so its slim pickings. How much work would it be to replace them with seats from a mid 90s civic or...
  14. B

    Sun Visor replacement

    Yay First post!! New to the forums! Ok guys I have a 2003 v6 base model. Am currently in the process of an interior swap from the gray and black to all black. Does every model come stock with the vanity mirror light plug or would I have to do some slicing to make it work? If the latter what...
  15. MoDriver

    SOLD 94-04 Black Leather Mustang Cobra Steering Wheel Oem

    [SOLD] Listed is the leather wrapped black steering wheel that I had in my 98 Mustang Cobra. Should fit 94-04 SN95/"New Edge" Mustangs this is a great steering wheel! This is currently located in Springfield, VA (22152) and I am asking $160/obo This includes: 1998 Cobra Steering Wheel OEM SN95...
  16. P

    WTB/Trade Dc/va/md Area: Need Interior Parts

    Hi, My '06 has an interior in poor condition. The interior is gray, so easiest to stick with that, but will consider black or other color combos. I'm looking for: Carpet: Gray or black Headliner Rear package shelf Seats May also want: Console Aluminum finish dash trim 6 gauge cluster...
  17. E

    1998 And 1999-2004 Seats

    Hey, I have a 1998 Mustang with silver/grey cloth seats. I want to replace them with leather but I am having a hard time finding grey leather seats online for the 1998 year online, but I have found grey leather seats for a 1999 and upwards. I was wondering if the seats from a 1999-2004 will fit...
  18. MoDriver

    SOLD 94-2004 Ford Mustang Black Center Console W/2 Cup Holders

    Listed is a SN95 Ford Mustang Black Center Console with two cup holders, power port, and coin holder. Comes as pictured in good used shape with only very minor wear from use and age. Removed from a 1998 Ford Mustang Cobra, so please verify fitments of other years for your application. Typically...
  19. MoDriver

    SOLD Radio Console Bezel Black Mustang 01-04 (adaptable to single DIN)

    [SOLD] This is an OEM used charcoal gray (painted black with interior paint) original radio dash bezel to fit 01-04 mustangs. In good shape. No apparent cracks and tabs are good. Dash AC vent registers are not included, but the buttons shown are included. Items are in Springfield, VA (22152)...
  20. GrandmasterK

    Where To Find Convertabile Interior Panels?

    I'm looking to replace these interior panels in on the sides of the rear seat in my 1989 GT vert. I swear I found these for sale new years ago on a site like LMR or CJPonyParts but I can't find them now that I'm actually interested in buying a set. These are easily the most worn out pieces in my...