1. M

    Desperate need help

    Hello everybody I have a big issue with my mustang v6 2006 It’s equipped with a supercharger kit vortech, exhaust bbk, tb bbk 70 mm and a custom tune Now I have a big problem with my MAF I break one maf one week ago and I replaced it The car was fine, and now, after a week the same issue The...
  2. D

    Best Throttle Body Size for Supercharged Fox

    Looking for some advise for the most recommended TB and MAF setup. I currently have the Deatsch Werks injectors 550cc XL3F-12B579-AA 90mm MAF BBK Powerplus 70mm TB I’m thinking I need to upgrade the TB, but not sure what size is the best.
  3. L

    5.0 to GT40 upgrade. Which MAF, plugs and coil? Using A9L and 19lb injectors

    My engine idles rich, yet the plugs show lean. I’ve been reading extensively no one article seems to cover everything. Here is what I think I know. - 1989 5.0 motor. - Used GT40 intake and heads from an explorer. - The heads are ported. Upgraded springs and a mild cam for torque. - The MAF...
  4. H

    Engine Help!! Code 56 new maf!

    I need some help! I’m working on my 90 gt, when I start it up it’ll lope and run really rich, there’s usually a good amount of black smoke. So I dumped the codes and the only two I get are 81 and 56. And I’ve been told not to worry about the 81. I don’t know why I’m getting a code 56 though? I...
  5. T

    No power to the MAF Sensor

    Having troubles starting my 03 gt 4.6 , I get cranking but no firing. Hooked the scanner up for the live stream while cranking and my MAF reading stays at 0.09 lbs... After cranking the car I’m hearing a air leak near the firewall by the passenger side. I’ve wiggled the hoses to see if the...
  6. J

    2000 GT Idle/Running Issues

    Hi kids. Longtime listener, first time caller. So I bought a 2000 Mustang GT. Auto car. 203xxx miles. The previous owner said it's had the crank sensor, cam sensor, throttle position sensor, fuel pump, fuel filter, battery, brakes, complete stereo system, all of suspension bushings, tie rods...
  7. 1

    SCT BA5000 MAF Transfer Function

    Hi, I have a 95 Mustang GT with an on3 turbo kit. I purchased a slot style SCT BA5000 MAF sensor to run in the car. The SCT tuning software I'm using is too dated and doesn't have the data for this chip. I have searched far and wide on insight to where I could find the transfer function for this...
  8. NickMadore

    Stock MAF with upgraded Throttle body?

    Hi everyone, This is my first ever post. I have a 1991 Mustang 5.0 LX. I'm looking to increase the air flow to the engine. First of all, I would like to change the original intake for a cold air intake. I will also change the original throttle body for a 70mm. That said, should I upgrade the...
  9. B

    Engine 2000 GT unknown maf computer and underdrive pulley.

    It's my first post! I have a 2000 mustang gt with the 4.6 2v which has a horrible rod knock. I am swapping in a low mileage 2007 4.6 from a Lincoln town car. I have all that I need, but I have found some interesting parts in the mustang which I am unfamiliar with. I am hoping one of you experts...
  10. F

    Converting 88 to MAF from 92 car

    I have an 88 mustang with a speed density system and want to convert it over to Mass Air Flow. I have an a9L from a 92 fox and was wondering what to do to make sure it is done right. I have GT40P heads and intake, exhaust, bbk air intake on the 88 and anything from the 92 i can use. Thank you.
  11. C

    30lb MAF

    I have a stage 2 cam bbk shorty headers bbk o/r xpipe typhoon satin intake 75mm tb bbk CAI maple dome pistons .30 over block 30lb injectors where Can I find a maf for 30lb injectors I’ve looked all over AM and LMR they have pas maf but not one strictly for aftermarket cai or should I switch back...
  12. M

    Mustang Keeps Going Into Closed Loop/open Loop Won't Read Maf

    Okay so the other day I was cleaning the maf sensor on my 2003 gt with the maf spray cleaner, the air cleaner was dirty so i washed that also it has the bbk CAI. After I had cleaned the maf up I let it sit maybe 5 mins and I put it back in and started the car up and it ran really rich so I...
  13. S

    99 Gt Intermittent Driveability Problems

    Hey guys, New member, i have used this site's knowledge in the past on many issues ( thanks for that), but I've come to a problem I need to reach out to you guys. I am on many different forums, bikes, motorcycles, chevy truck etc.. so let me start by saying thanks for looking at a new post by a...
  14. Bobs88lsc

    Maf Performance Enhancements For .40 Over 302.

    I had an 84 mark 7. I had the stock block cylinders bored .40 over. I also had the head and valves ported out for better air flow.i have new pistons& new crank I had this motor set up for a carb,but decided to strip all the carb related parts off the engine (including removal if the cam) i now...