1. beyondEOD

    60 pin EEC extension cable

    I saw that @Mustang5L5 is going to incorporate the Ford 007-00081 Rotunda EEC-IV Monitor Adapter into his DIY MS3 Harness. @a91what, I bought one and am wanting to use it to extend my Pimp harness. Only concern I have is that the wires are a thinner gauge than almost all the ones in the pimp...
  2. T

    AC Wiring for MS3 Gold Box

    Digital Tuning Pros, Finally charged the AC up on my 93 GT and working on MS3 settings to kick on my electric fans when the AC is on. My MS3 Gold Box did not come wired to pin 10 on the factory EEC plug on either of the MS3 black or gray plugs. I'm working on adding the wire, but want to make...
  3. beyondEOD

    Fuel Pressure Sensor with Megasquirt

    Anyone running an electronic fuel pressure sensor with your megasquirt. I'm looking to add on on my 95. What is your setup?
  4. a91what

    Service Provided Megasquirt ECU support and Tuning

    I can help with aftermarket standalone ECU installations troubleshooting and tuning. I am in the Tampa FL area, but I can provide support anywhere in the world remotely I have helped guys as far away as Hawaii. I offer tuning classes and can do full tunes as well. -Classes are one on one to...
  5. a91what

    Megasquirt/tuner Studio Tech Thread

    This is where I will be posting tech articles. I will try to be as detailed as possible with these writeups so that you can understand the what and how of MegaSquirt/Tuner Studio. I hope to do one writeup a week detailing a specific area of the software and I will include some hardware writeup...
  6. a91what

    Build Thread Enola- Finishing touches

    Welcome to my laboratory from this point forward is the m90 portion of the experiment. To jump ahead to my M112 install use this link. Enjoy Hi all I have been away for a...