need advice

  1. G

    New guy from Ohio

    New guy from Ohio, had my 1992 Lx coupe for 10 years and used to be super into forums, Facebook kinda took that away for a while, but I’ve been hammering away at my build and reading more and more figured I’d join up and say hello. Set up now is 1992 coupe “gumby”. Windsor motor, planning on...
  2. Eric_WTM

    Engine P1151 & P1131 appeared and I need help

    I have a 2003 Ford Mustang GT and as I was letting it warm up for work. I noticed that I had a check engine light for P1151 & P1131 and its saying that the car is running lean. The car is running poorly and I checked the fuel pressure "30psi" and the vacuum lines and there all good.
  3. J

    1989 wont start after motor swap

    im having some issues my old 5.0 in my 1989 gt wasnt running good and my dad had a complete with accessories 1994 5.0 that i could have so i swaped and put my 1989 upper and lower intake on the 94 block and kept the 94 accessory set up and put it in the car. i started it up started first try...
  4. F

    Proud 2kGT Owner Looking for Info

    What up Fellow Stang Owners! Bought my SN95 a few months ago from my neighbor. May as well have stolen it from them for what I paid. Either way, the car was half dead and barely running. I've done a decent amount on it thus far (tune up, coolant flush, oil change, & rear drums and brake pads)...
  5. R

    Need Advice On Project Mustang

    I just recently found a listing for a 1970 Mustang Coupe (I believe it's the coupe model) and I've always wanted to drive a classic muscle car, but it's in pretty rough shape. The author of the post said it runs but the interior is rusty and I assume the trunk is worse. This doesn't bother me...
  6. 9

    94 Stang Rebuild From Shell Help

  7. SadbutTrue

    Fox Coast High Performance 408 Throws A Bearing After 10 Months, 900 Miles... How To Proceed...

    Last year I replaced a long-running 351w in my 1966 coupe with a Coast High Performance 408. Classic car, but ultimately its an 80s roller motor, and more Fox/SN95s are running around with CHP motors than classics, hence why I'm putting this here (and probably in the classics too, and other...
  8. 88mustang on a budget

    88 Gt Hatch

    My 88 fox is begining to piss me off.. More so the guy who **** me when i bought it. This is my very first build. Im 21 have a daughter on the way. Am on a budget. But ive already dumped like 5k in this counting the 2000 i paid for it. Most recently i bought the bellhousing plate so i could...
  9. R

    Mustang 2000 V6

    Hey I need some help, I have a red mustang 2000 v6 , I was looking under my car today and there is a lot of rust eating away at the frame. I wanted to store and rebuild the car because it's my first car and I don't want to get rid of it but I don't have the kind of money to fix a rusted frame on...