1. T

    2013 gt lagging throttle response

    2013 gt 5.0 long tube headers,offroad xpipe,corsa extremes,cold air intake,not sure if the cars tuned we bought it this way,but the throttle response is lazy,do I need a tune or a pedal commander
  2. Krazykyle44

    Engine Backfiring and Shaking Pony

    Hello everyone, hopefully I,m posting the in the right thread. So I have an automatic 90 fox 5.0 LX with a lot of different mods. I got the mustang about year ago from a guy who was starting to convert it into a drag car. He got about half way and gave up and I took over the car. I dont want to...
  3. C

    2000 Mustang GT slow acceleration

    So first time poster here, sorry if posting this in the wrong place, but I just started having an issue with my 2000 Mustang GT. I have slower than usual acceleration. Put it in 3rd gear at a decent rpm and try to accelerate quickly and it doesn’t want to pick up and go like it normally would...
  4. 5

    2014 GT acceleration issues

    Recently I have noticed that my 2014 GT premium is having some acceleration issues. When driving normally around town there is nothing wrong but when I try to floor it when driving on open roads or getting on the highway, the RPMs jump way up (to about 6-7k) but the car doesn’t speed up. It...
  5. J

    2010 gt threw a code saying both banks 02 sensors lean conditions . Car dies

    My 2010 gt has 45000 miles on her with frpp hot rod cams , frpp injectors , stock manifolds and cats, muffler delete and jlt CAI. It’s a 5 speed manual. Today it was running fine and the cel came on I pooped into oreilly and they scanned it and said both o2 banks were lean condition but it...
  6. U

    89 Coup V8 Swap Complet Engine Bogging Down

    hello there looking to get some help, been running around in circles trying to figure out what is wrong with my coup, Here is the back story I bought an 89 4cyl hired someone to do the v8 swap due to no time and not having the experience to do it myself. Used a 91 Convertable Lx automatic car...
  7. F

    Idle Surging Problems

    Hey guys me again, It seems I cant keep go a single week without a major issue coming up on this thing so here's the deal now. I fixed the break up issue I talked about before with a new distributor but the car still wont idle. I have an a9l and an sct chip and I'm starting to believe I have a...