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  1. 1989LXFOX

    Knocking At Passenger Side Front Tire

    Hello all, I have eiback lowering springs so the car has been dropped about 1.5". When ever I hit a bump I hear a knocking coming from the passenger side front tire. I also noticed that the tire there rubs and knocks when someone is sitting in passenger side. I have caster camber plates too...
  2. C

    Suspension Help

    So I just pick up a 90 foxbody I know they typically make for a rough ride but if I bounce on the front or rear of the car it will compress one time then it's so stiff I can't even bounce it with all my weight so my question is can the shock/struts freeze up or do I have another issue?
  3. F

    Fox V8 Swapped 4cyl Car Suspension???

    i have a 1989 mustang coupe that was originally 4 cyl swapped to a 306. It rides like a ton of bricks. Can't tell if the original owner cut the springs or if the shocks are shot. But I want to upgrade to a good setup but all the ones I see are for a 5.0. Cool. What do I have to change to make...
  4. Benz510

    Suspension Upgrades

    How's it going all. Just bought an 89 Mustang GT. Does anyone have any suggestions on what i can do to the suspension to make it ride as comfortable as the car should. I know there's some wear and tear on the suspension but i would just like to know everyone's opinions on what should be done...